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6.41 hrs : In How do I run OpenArena in Quake3e?

Is it possible to play OpenArena from Quake3e, and if so, how would I go about doing it? Would I just have to run OA as a mod? Are there any other ways to do it?

54 hrs : In Best Quake III mods of all time

Yep, I just didn't think about looking under gametypes, as the mod section is not called gametypes section. When I think of gametypes, I think of CTF, Overload, FFA, etc.

3 days : In Best Quake III mods of all time

Not sure how practical this is, but what about adding a section to the maps search screen based on attributes, with individual mods maps are designed for? Rocket Arena, Freezetag, Painkeep Arena, etc.?

12 days : In ✨ Most beautiful maps ✨

A fun one is Relativity, in the style of the famous painting of the same name by M.C. Escher. It is fun to play, we play it a lot with our family, and looks great too.

74 days : In MothCTF - map designed for 32 players

Not sure if this will help, but there is a pack of free high-res textures made for Q3. It is also here on LVL at lvlworld.com/mod/a2z:1/id:16

It might be useful as you mentioned the distribution of QL assets.

105 days : In Best Quake III mods of all time

Another awesome mod we played with our family the other day is called No Items Quake 3 (NIQ3). It can be found at
The basic premise has some similarities to Elimination mode in OA that removes all the weapons from the arena. However, it doesn't stop there. It gives everyone the same weapon (not including TA weapons), all of which are configurable, and changes them every 30 seconds. It can also give random (the same or different to each player) powerups, modify map mechanics, like gravity, or making projectiles bounce around. Since there is no health or ammo, it automatically regenerates them when you stop firing. All of these things and more are configurable, and has a built-in game help system. One second, you might be playing with the gauntlet, the next second, everyone has a railgun, or BFG. It is an awesome mod, and was made for Quake 3, but seemed to work perfectly in OpenArena.

112 days : In LiveView (beta)

Good suggestions. I personally hate using Chrome, and would rather not use it unless I absolutely have to. I also had experienced some graphical issues, such as with resolution, and the UI being stretched on the left half of the screen. One suggestion might possibly be a dialog box that comes up , with simple settings, like resolution, gametype, mouse sensitivity, and possibly windowed/fullscreen BEFORE the map is loaded, then uses whatever settings are chosen. This would allow to view different layouts of maps, and ones that support FFA and CTF, for example. Also, maybe I am wrong, and don't take me wrong here, but I personally feel this is designed more to preview what a map looks like, so it isn't really practical to aim at getting the full in-game experience. There are so many variables, at least at this point, that I think it should be more focused on the average user that wants to see what a map looks like, and less about playing in the browser. Anyone looking on LvLWorld for Q3 maps probably already has OA or Q3 installed anyways, and many people do not know about, or want to mess with setting configs every time (especially since they are not remembered anyways.) For example, the jump button I use is not the default button, so every time I use the tool to test a map, the first thing I have to do is run round, wonder why I can't jump, and then go mess with the Q3 UI, and try to change it or fix it. That part is not very user friendly. Sometimes less is more, and I think this may be a good example of that.

"Map XYZ? Click here to see what it looks like", and leave it at that. Also, not sure of the customizability or practicality of it, but maybe an option to go back to LvL after done?

This might also be a lot more work, maybe Tig has a script or something, but one feature which might be cool for previewing maps, is to automatically load a demo file of someone playing it, to demonstrate what it looks like. Not sure of the practical ins and outs, or if possible, just a thought.

118 days : In LiveView (beta)

One suggestion I mentioned that may have been missed, is to start the default in spectator mode, as it is designed to preview a map. Personally, adding bots and showing the HUD are not relevant, if it is designed only/primarily as a map viewer. That way, the focus is on loading the map, flying around it, by default, and seeing if you want to download it. However, it is also nice to be able to run around in the map itself, but with jitter/latency, it may not be feasible. It is better to do one thing well (preview maps live), rather than ten things poorly.

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