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933 days : In Projectiles disappearing in my map

The VIS is absolutely not working on your map. Load a vanilla map, and bring down the console. type /r_showtris 1 (obviously 0 disable this command). This comand show which tris are drawn by the engine. On your map, every single tris rendered at the same time.
Making most of the brushes detail is not a good solution. Detail should be on your map like: furnitures, tanks, terrain, wall monitors, etc...
Structural brushes should be: room walls, corridors, etc...
But, here is some tutorial: www.quake3world.co...m/viewtopic.php

Your scripts folder is a mess... I did not say anything to you to do something like that...

For the missing textures, which only shows in the editor I suppose, I have a solution for that: In Radiant, select everything by pressing the i button, the ctrl+c, click on new map, and ctrl+v, then, save.

933 days : In Projectiles disappearing in my map

You only have 3 options to solve this problem:

1. Increase the com_hunkmegs
2. Do more work on the map VIS
3. Accept Jesus

937 days : In Errors

in game, bring down the console by pressing the ~ button (or shift+esc if you're using IoQuake)
then type this:

/com_hunkmegs 256

and press enter
This should fix this error.

937 days : In Map I'm making: The Death Strip

You don't need to do anything in or with the textures folder. You only need to work with:
the scripts folder
and your own pk3 file (if your work is done with your krds.shader, then you have to copy it into krds.pk3\scripts\ folder, next to the krds.arena file.)

the "missing shader image" texture appears when the editor can't find the editor image of the shader. The shader still should work in game, but if you bothered by this, then change this:

qer_editorimage textures/skies/inteldimredclouds.tga
qer_editorimage textures/skies/intelredclouds.tga

938 days : In Map I'm making: The Death Strip

Yep. That is the best solution!

As I see, you are using toxicsky sky shader.

qer_editorimage textures/skies/inteldimredclouds.tga
q3map_lightimage textures/common/white.tga
surfaceparm noimpact
surfaceparm nolightmap
q3map_surfacelight 80
q3map_sun 1 1 0.5 100 30 60
skyParms - 512 -
map textures/skies/inteldimclouds.tga
tcMod scroll 0.01 0.01
tcMod scale 3 2
map textures/skies/intelredclouds.tga
blendfunc add
tcMod scroll 0.005 0.005
tcMod scale 3 3

Here is the modified version of the toxicsky sky shader. If you want to change the clouds speed, you need to decrease or increase the numbers at both "tcMod scroll" . (I only changed the shaders name, and the tcMod scroll numbers, nothing else in this shader.)
Then select this shader, and save it into your scripts folder as krds.shader
After this, add your shaders name (without the extension) to shaderlist.txt
Save it, and load the skies textures in Radiant.
If you do everything good, then you will see a new sky shader: toxicsky_krds

Edited 2.35 minutes after the original posting.

938 days : In Map I'm making: The Death Strip

Check the bspc.log for aas problems.

You need to change the sky shader texture, or make a new sky shader.

939 days : In Command /cg_shadows "2" Not Working? Ioquake3

Try /cg_shadows 4
It looks decent in third person view.

939 days : In Map I'm making: The Death Strip

Here is a little help for you:
You can find the .map file also inside the pk3.
(You can also see the relays random option functioning at my Lighttower map.)

The bunkers are nice details, but bots still stuck in them. :(
You don't need to raise the ceiling of the bunkers. You can lower the floor, or move out the spawners from them.

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