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1,907 days : In Convert levels to QL from Q3?

I've solved it, there indeed is a Q3map2 switch that let's you just convert the level, no need to recompile.
I'll write the process once I get home, cause I'm at work now.

This is Rustgrad at steam workshop -> steamcommunity.com...es/filedetails/

1,908 days : In Convert levels to QL from Q3?

I was thinking of actually putting up my levels for Quake Lives Workshop.

Ok, so what I know, I can change the bsp version easily by hex editing, but that leaves me with an "Funny lump error" as they seems to call it.

Do I really need to recompile my levels to do this and if so, where do I get a proper compiler? =)

2,214 days : In High quality image support

Shouldn't this be default, I think most people who visits this site and use the internet overall these days have a modern computer, laptop or stationary, most screens uses 16:9 with at least 1080p, most people have a lot higher.

Same goes with bandwidth, how many people really uses a modem to browse these pages? I understand that you sometimes have a fee per downloaded MB, but how common is that these days, "2015" and how many people really browses this page through a cell phone?

Just some random thoughts =)

2,271 days : In Move or add another random level button

Ah nice.
I was gonna suggest more things, but I might as well wait and see what happens then.

I think the site needs to reduce the amount of clicks for most things, I see no need to have Review, Download, Vote and Comments under special pages, it's just a bit annoying. I only started to notice this, since I've been using the site more lately.

2,273 days : In Move or add another random level button

I love clicking the random level button, however, it's damn annoying having to click at the first page and THEN random level, can't you add a button to the top menu that says random level? Like, next to the "menu" button?

3,588 days : In Beta forum notes

This is great.

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