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149 days : In LiveView (beta)

@themuffinator Github is here github.com/briancu...an/planet_quake, what is in master should be pretty close to the version that is live. I agree with the renderer2 sentiment wholly, and doing a Performance recording says most of the time is spent in DrawElements(). It is based on Quake3e (some cvars moved). I tried to switch to renderer1 but there are some emulated GL emscripten overlaps that I don't understand, and I'm severely lacking on my renderer writing skills. GUNNM from the recent Oculus port did some work on porting github.com/cdev-tux/q3lite to Quake3e but "got stuck on ARB functions". I would be overjoyed if anyone was willing to take a look at optimizing the renderer. Perhaps even taking from Spearmint or RBQuake or Daemon and putting in the Quake3e or original QuakeJS context, I would gladly drop it in as a replacement. Pull Requests welcomed, but I sorta muddied QuakeJS in terms of goals (e.g. working on a multi-QVM loader for web and native right now).

If you have a map example of missing textures I will try to update the manifest. It is mostly an automated process, but there is still some hard coded stuff I don't have a good fix for.

160 days : In LiveView (beta)

@Mapsking I like the demo idea, I was tossing around that idea with the Pan (from worldspawn), basically using some features from q3 MME (movie maker edition) to create camera splines like football games on TV. And generating some kind of 3D demo from that. It's a little more complicated than just using Spectator mode. Maybe a combination of adding a few bots and spectating? But at that point, the author might as well just make a youtube video of the map.

161 days : In LiveView (beta)

@raspatan Good suggestions, E+ has options for adding an overlay for additional instructions, it would be cool to look at modifying the game code and menu code. The screenshot and mouse sensitivity should be an easy fix, as well as binding a new key to menu, maybe tilde ~ for main menu and long press ~ for console.

162 days : In LiveView (beta)

It might be cool to move around and use jumppads, but not be able to pick up items, so you can always see where they are placed. Similar to spectator mode, maybe even remove the hidden gun firing. Anyway, Add Bot menu is working again.

166 days : In Beta feature volunteer

@Mapsking and @raspatan Excellent feedback, thank you. I've documented some items on my short-term TODO. I did not notice the bot menu was disabled, and a few inter-browser mouse capture bugs might be resolvable.

Edit: After doing more testing with Firefox, I notice it is significantly slower than Chrome on my Macbook Pro.
Edit: Capturing mouse on refocus should be fixed, and possible fix for backspace going back, under some conditions it will ask if you meant to leave the site.
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266 days : In TDS - Mod - hub

Hahaha! "Problems finding source code". Doesn't post source code :P
And maybe something to do with this: