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32 days : In ..::LvL automated scripts update

Cool! Is there a way to bulk download the metadata of the maps? (date, votes, comments, map type, etc) It would be interesting to have a section on the site to visualise them in detail. I can help setting up the analysis and code (in R software), which could be implemented on the site and run once in a while by you or perhaps automated altogether.

34 days : In ..::LvL Custom Map Server (test only)

@gooball Totally true, unfortunately. Coordination is needed. I guess that is one reason Steam and its "friend list" tool is so spot on. I don't have Q3 on steam because you need to pay (I paid long ago and lost my original game). Bethesda launched a Steam alternative which also has Quake 3. It was giving it for free until a month ago! I sadly missed it. Now you have to pay for it. It's not yet mainstream though...
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36 days : In ..::LvL Custom Map Server (test only)

Good idea. Where is it based? I joined from the airport so the connectivity was terrible. I'm afraid I won't be able to use it as I am moving to a distant timezone.
Btw, there are many q3 servers available, in different locations. You can see them all using software like this one: xqf.github.io/en/
Most have standard maps, which is the main problem. This server is a good idea on that regard, to give space to other maps. I hope it last!
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49 days : In Best Quake III mods of all time

Cool feature Tig!
Some suggestions. Why not have the Mod page as boxes with images and descriptions you can click on, and dedicated page? (like this, lvlworld.com/topmaps/0). The dedicated page then could also use some media, like video and photos, and host the readme file and allow for comments and votes. Basically, same as a map. They fit nicely together imo. I am happy to help with images, videos and descriptions.

Regarding Spiterbot, the readme sells itself as a duel mod but it is great for FFA too.

Finally, I would like to suggest this "modification": ioquake3.org/extra...cement_content/
It is not really a mod but it updates textures to make it super high quality. Maybe you could add it to the description of the High Quality Quake mod already included in your list, as they are complementary, it seems, or independent.

49 days : In OpenArena bots running away from you.

Hi there. You might have more luck in the forum dedicated to the game, www.openarena.ws/board/

54 days : In In Q3 Arena 1.32 is it a maximum supported maps

@Tig Hey, that is super useful! Thanks for sharing. My only concern is that online servers might kick you for having "non pure" files (for fear of aimbot, wallhack, etc). I will check it.

55 days : In In Q3 Arena 1.32 is it a maximum supported maps

Let me answer myself. The latest version of ioquake3 (only accessible from compilation) seems to allow for more maps. See discourse.ioquake....ish-menu/1055/8, which discusses the change introduced some years ago. I guess I could manually increase it further to allow for even more maps.

55 days : In In Q3 Arena 1.32 is it a maximum supported maps

Five years later... Does anyone know a fix for this? It seems such a weird restriction and totally fixable.
Alternatively, does anyone know a mechanism to make the map list rotate every time you load quake 3? Say, to select 54 maps (the extra ones allowed, it seems) at random from your baseq3 folder?

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