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3 days : In Change mod settings through .qvm files

Well, I've been having a debate with the CPMA people (discord) and they say that CPMA bots are spiterbots. To me they are much dumber. I will keep testing anyway.
@Tig I doubt mod culture, back in the days at least, was open source friendly. Even today, CPMA is not open source.

6 days : In Change mod settings through .qvm files

Hi there,
I play Spiterbot mod a lot and would like to change some of the mod settings: timing of items. They are not the ones used in OSP/CPMA. There is no command to control such times. It is hard-coded.
Best option would be to get the source code and recompile. Problem is I haven't found such code online. Mod is from 2002.
An alternative is to "decode" the .qvm files. I did so using this tool: github.com/brugal/q3vm
All I got from the three .qvm files is some text like this: paste.ubuntu.com/p/mtJ4TQhKhw/
I have no idea what to do with this. There are some stuff that might be related to spawn. For instance, some code says:
00008cad const 1 0x5d61
00008cae arg -1 0x8
;; dec: ----
00008caf const 1 0x38a ; :unknown function:
00008cb0 call -1
00008cb1 pop -1
;----------------------------------- from 0x8cac
00008cb2 local 1 0xb0 ; arg0
00008cb3 load4
; 01 00 00 00 (0x1)
00008cb4 const 1 0x1bc
00008cb5 add -1
00008cb6 const 1 0xe7b8c
00008cb7 load4
00008cb8 store4 -2
;; dec: ----

No idea if this is helpful or not.
Even if I manage to find the precise edit (which I doubt), I would then need to recompile. No idea if that is even possible.
Am I attempting the impossible here?
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17 days : In map toxic fabric

Isn't a previous version of the map already on LvL? (lvlworld.com/review/id:2388) According to the readme, that was beta version. It probably deserves a new review rather than an update of file.

18 days : In ..::LvL website layout feedback

@Tig That sounds like all we need! You seem to already have some sorting mechanism at work also in the stats page (lvlworld.com/stats) (which btw is not llisted in the menu). Perhaps that page becomes redundant once you introduce a sorting mechanism.

19 days : In ..::LvL website layout feedback

May I use this thread to make another suggestion? The site could make some use of sorting features. It already comes with some default sorting, for example, in Top maps, or in Timeline. But if you search all CTF maps for instance (lvlworld.com/ctf), they come in no apparent order. There you could add a sorting mechanism, for instance: by votes, by downloads, by date, etc...
Similarly, I would like to order my votes from highest to lowest. For instance, I might be looking for a map that I gave a 3, and ordering them would help me A LOT.
Those are two examples but surely it can be implemented in other cases too.
PD: used the Forum search feature to find this thread :)
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21 days : In Q3 Rally - upcoming update!

For those who like this mod, a new version (after long time) will be released 1st of June (www.q3rally.com/). It is also in need of a review in the Mod section, so it would be a good chance to make one!
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28 days : In How to counter fake votes

I think it make sense. Such restrictions are used in other sites like Stackexchange. Just make sure to limit voting per day so you cannot build 30 rep through voting in a few days. So having voting limits based on reputation makes sense too.

77 days : In Quake 3 Injector?

@Tig don't know how to code in Java or C or other useful languages. Only in R. :( Probably the best I can offer is some beta testing :/
Regarding the browser extension, sounds like a quick shortcut for the equivalent dull manual process! But isn't it a bit invasive in terms of permissions (unzip-execute)? (as a general rule I mean, not because I think you will use it for evil purposes)

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