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359 days : In map toxic fabric

im only a mapper itz not my fault if Malloc: failed on allocation comes of my map KommissarReb, i have a new pc and my map works without error,like our pal bozina69 say the map works with his pc,and our pal richoi with his 12 yrs old pc got the error,buy a better ddr ram/etc and the Malloc: failed on allocation is gone,i dont consider early/later to add botz because itz a Team Deathmatch/Deathmatch/Tournament/Capture the Flag map player vs player and not single-player map,we even test the map of 10 vs 10 on wasp.sk server for how items spawns/weapons are good or not and most liked the items spawns and the map,i add the open terrain because that it gives not to be in a factory cage richoi,the map as you see is how i like to make map

365 days : In map toxic fabric

hi i ask if my map can maybe again a review from some1,because itz long time where i upload my map here on lvlworld.com/queue

484 days : In map toxic fabric

hey i like to show my map toxic fabric is original maked for Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory as Deathmatch, im a qake3 engine mapper over 5 years and mapped 6 maps for wolf et,later i consider to port my map toxic fabric into qake3/qakelive, i ask if some1 can make a review of my map and i you like my level design lvlworld.com/queue, heres original tread of my map + screens of wolf et forum.splatte...p?showtopic=15827