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816 days : In Finishing what I have begun

Ill play it for an hour when i get home and ill let you know. 👍

819 days : In An idea

That's exactly what I was thinking. And the majority of servers i see in game are either empty or they have only bots going at it which is weird. The few that have players are always modded out and they're never custom maps. It could just be the server in my region being empty though. This site is awesome regardless. I just thought i'd give an opinion because i read that this is community driven, and I dont wanna see this page disappear because of inactivity.

819 days : In Why not to move the levels with verdict "not worth to download" or so, to separate cathegory?

Don't be afraid to try out a map that dosent look interesting. Some of them can suprise you and ive played maps with bad ratings that stay on my hard drive lol. But then again, its all preference.

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820 days : In An idea

You guys should create something for users to find others and play together.

821 days : In Trending levels (beta)

good improvement. I like how the screenshots are bigger. Looks like it'll be easier to navigate than before.