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In Map reviews - How long b4 published after a review?
98 days ago: I know the author of the map I reviewed. Is there anything he didn't supply that might prevent publication?
In Best Quake III mods of all time
106 days ago: Plus one for Alternate Fire. Makes for a lot of new camping spots and ways to move fast using the grapple. I like particularly the sticky grenades and homing rockets. Another cool feature is one can shoot through a portal and have say a rocket come out and get another player on the other side. 2nd would be Painkeep Arena followed by generations. Love the Doom "long range" light shotgun!
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In map toxic fabric
106 days ago: toxic fabric played ok on my PC. I7 8gb RAM, AT graphics card.
In Map reviews - How long b4 published after a review?
106 days ago: I reviewed a map called Dungeon Hunters 2 days ago and submitted my review, but shows as if I had not reviewed any maps in my profile. Will it not show up in my profile until the map review submission has been reviewed?
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107 days ago: I liked the old design too. ome features are better, but one that would be nice is to have the date of how old / been on the system appear so one doesn't have to hunt for it.