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1,702 days : In Tutorials for making .arena files

Great, thanks for your help PaN61 :)

1,703 days : In Tutorials for making .arena files

Does anyone know any links where i can learn how to properly set up a .arena file so a level appears in skirmish menu, and also has 2 or 3 bots listed?

1,727 days : In Where'd Tig zip off to anyway?

One of a kind! Check the video for confirmation!

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1,757 days : In Where'd Tig zip off to anyway?

Tig is one of a kind. He comes and goes.

1,960 days : In Map themes/settings that were probably never done in q3

The Simpsons Map seems to be very popular because 1)known/popular theme, appeals to lots of people 2) Layout of the house and i imagine the town is like you'd see in the show, so thats interesting for players to explore.

I suggest picking something like wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Orgrimmar or maybe something from Star Craft. Like a protoss carrier or main terran fortress, etc.
Maybe a small town/city map based on Tristram from diablo 3? Theres lots of really popular themes to borrow from.

2,006 days : In Maps with extra content...

Hey Komm, I still have the manual and box. On page 16 it says

"Lifts: Scattered throughout the arenas is an assortment of lifts. When a gladiator steps onto a lift it begins to rise."

I dont recognize the levelshot shown in the manual, just shows a basic lift. As far as i know there are no lifts in q3. I've only ever seen them used by custom mappers.

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2,043 days : In New Quake 1 custom maps

Also check out the speed run version of quake

2,098 days : In Maps without Bot Support

Update June 7/2015
Made some adjustments to the server to feature 5 maps so that a variety of maps can be tested.
Some tinkering tonight, and hopefully will have the following maps on rotation:
-Goldleaf by Pat Howard
-Kora by Rota
-No One by R3x.theCat
-Cosmic Cathedral

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