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754 days : In Converted maps from Quake LIVE

If anyone needs help in converting maps from QL to Q3A or Q3TA, you can find me at excessiveplus.net.
There are also some tutorials how to convert maps, textures. sounds etc.

1,021 days : In error

Of course, on modifying a .bsp file one should create a new .aas file.
Another manuals (www.excessiveplus....quake-live-maps)
To fix "ad_content" troubles:
1. Open a map in QuArK and select "Entitites" section.
2. Select the whole text and copy it into Notepad.
3. Replace all "advertisement" by "func_static" and remove all the lines with "cellid".
4. Replace an old text in QuArK by a new one from Notepad.
5. Save the map and close it.

To fix some textures' troubles:
1. Open a map in a Hex Editor (f.e. Hex Editor Neo).
2. Replace "original_texture" (f.e. "textures/base_wall/concrete_ow2") by "your_new_texture" (f.e. textures/base_wall/concretevow2). NB! Quantity of symbols MUST be the same.
3. Save the map and close it.
4. Write a shader (add lines into the *.shader file ( s ) of the map):

textures/base_wall/concretevow2 //new name of your new virtual texture
map textures/base_wall/concrete.tga //link to a necessary real texture
rgbGen identity
map $lightmap
blendfunc filter
rgbGen identity
tcGen lightmap

1,026 days : In error

".bsp has wrong version number" commonly means that it's about another version of BSP. I suppose that it's v47(QL) instead of v46 (Q3A).
How to convert v47 to v46 (see pics - cloud.mail.ru/public/HmyW/3KBeaHCpf) with HEX Editor Neo:
1. Open your map (.bsp v47) in HEX Editor Neo
2. Select the bit 2f (pic. "01 v47")
3. Use the tool to fix bits (pic. "02 tools")
4. Click the final bit to change it from "2f" to "2e" (pic. "03 2f")
5. Click OK to save your result (pic. "04 2e")
6. Check your result (pic. "05 v46) - now it's v46
.bsp file
7. Save changes and close your file.

To edit items directly in a new *.bsp file use QuArK. It seems to be easy enough and there is no need to write a manual for it.

1,303 days : In Quake Live maps here?

I don't know if there is any copyright problem, but technically one can easily convert QL maps into Q3A maps.

1,663 days : In Promoting new maps

Mates, you have understood me wrong. I meant not my maps. Some of them are in rotation at servers. And I feel OK with this fact.
I doubt that the maps recently reviewed at lvlworld.com can be met at active servers, regardless how many scores they take here. It can sound severe: most of them don't really deserve players' attention. But there are true masterpieces. And I'd like to play on them.
Martinus, as for your maps, they almost don't have any chance, though I see great job to create them. Sorry, mate. I just have to say it. Key features for success:
1. Maps must be simple (even primitive) to understand their layout. For example, without Radiant it's almost impossible to understand layout of Q3DM12, just a boring endless labirynth.
2. Maps must be well textured and colorized. If a viewer can understand the repeated ornament of a texture, it's a failure.
3. Maps' archives must not have dozens of Megabytes.
4. Maps must offer something interesting (at the same time new and well known) in gameplay.

1,664 days : In Promoting new maps

Though I am just an amateur in mapping, I also feel glad when I see people playing on my maps, and I can play with them, too.
But the fact is the players rarely accept new maps. First of all, simple and compact maps get popular. I play some hours a week, so I know this situation.
That is the main reason why I don't make new maps, but just conversion and remixes of popular maps.
Here, at lvlworld.com, I see many great maps, but they aren't played at popular servers and, I think, will never be played.
Situation was improved when Id Software included some new maps into their rotation at QL. But since QL moved to Steam, it worsened again.
Is there any ideas how to promote good new maps?