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12 days : In Best Quake III mods of all time

There are other source ports, you know....

It would be best for this site to remain neutral on source port politics and not push a particular "standard" port.

Also installing Q3 isn't difficult to warrant a big guide. It's only like one or two extra steps if you've got a retail 1.11 disc, but still far from "trying to get Saints Row 2 to work" tier, even on Win10. Heck, on modern systems, stock Q3 as-is is less difficult than Quake Live on the initial issues department (as it doesn't try to use your largest video card resolution regardless of monitor for starters).
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17 days : In Best Quake III mods of all time

Good list but it's missing...

Bid for Power (note: specifically the official Bid for Power without the DragonBall Z/GT IP, and not any of the "english"/"Final" fan repacks that add DragonBall Z/GT stuff)
Reaction Quake3 (had a standalone refactor in recent years)
The Dark Conjunction (the OTHER single player mod)
True Combat (the more Kingpin-inspired real weapons TC)
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93 days : In Many maps missing on the site

I prefer a LvL that's a respectful curated place rather than the scrape mess of certain other places (which lead to author displacement and theft). After two decades, this feels like the last place to do so.
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153 days : In COVID-19 Special

More time than usual relearning mapping via Trenchbroom (because I have to). I'm still uncertain if I can release a Q3 thing as my layout skills still suck and I get hung up whether I should layout or detail and haven't handled this internal conflict in the flow yet, and I still can't do beziers/curves. but not every mapper overly relied on them anyway (like Meat)

though for oa3 on the other hand I can finally try to map those different themes, motifs, and old plans i've made that I can't get any mapper to budge to do for ages. Hobby projects have their flaws
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153 days : In Favorite Q3A Character?

every non-Orbb answer is incorrect

400 days : In Question about Q3 BSP level's usage

Another wrench in this is that most levels for Q3 are developed with a SDK that have strict usage rights (i.e. "Only for use with the full commercial version of Quake III Arena") and then there's the fact the provided map models from the SDK - which are definitely copyrighted id property - get integrated into map compiles.
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493 days : In ..::LvL website layout feedback

eh, if you really want transparency, I just hit the downvote whenever I see Fragtastic because of the blatant fraud since the "reputation" system still makes him look good on this site... :|

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496 days : In map toxic fabric

Generally, relying on certain source ports that increase the allocation by default will cause a blindness for vanilla compatibility during testing. LvL doesn't have a distinct way to signify maps that require a larger memory pool.

Also it's not really about having the latest hardware, it's more of a crusty old engine showing its poor scaleablity for them (given the GL 1.1 fallbacks and a lot of software processing for all the light calcs etc), and taking a few regressions (particularly compiled vertex arrays not being detected, needing r_primitives 2 to be explicitly set to regain speed). In theory, a typical Geforce2 would be fine with this map.

and of course the playerbase that "need" 333fps to gain the physics exploit advantages causing the big complacent gaming divide since 2002, where "r_vertexLight 1 r_picmip 32 is the way to play". that send all possible artistic visions to hell just for the win. Geocomp changing mapping ideals especially didn't help matters....

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