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1,216 days : In Quake Live Adds

My nick is FraGTastiC. You'll recognise me easily so yeah it's the same as here but in Cyan and Green letters in the nickname and plus you'll also see the United Kingdom flag when you see me in the server. Just search me on steam it'll come up or you could give me your nick and I can find you and add you. I mostly play on Instagib servers.

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1,219 days : In Quake Live Adds

Hey guys! It's been a while since I came on here. Just wondering if anyone here plays QL? Need some new friends to add on there I jus started playing QL again. Drop your usernames in here so I can add you.

1,601 days : In Fellow Quakers!

Damn it feels good to return to some amazing maps. It's good to be back guys, missed ya all.

1,892 days : In OH NOES! It's THAT time of year (again) :D

Hahaha nice one Tig. Either way, I still would have loved it since I love UT but good prank.

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1,934 days : In Maps not on ..::LvL

@KommissaReb(SW12): I knew map-factory was gone but I never knew it was for that reason. Benjamin Pullido was by the most fradulent author out of them all infact I don't even consider him an author. He even had the audacity to re-edit the original Readme documents and take out the original authors name and put his name in instead so he wouldn't get caught in the act. I'm not gonna lie, I was actually using map-factory before I came to ..::Lvl and I loved the maps on there but the problem was it wasn't a trustworthy site due to authors posting stuff which wasn't theres.

1,946 days : In Public Beta ..::LvL Android App

@Tig: Alright man! I'll send you a message some time later.

1,947 days : In Public Beta ..::LvL Android App

@Tig: I know this is gonna be off topic and I apologies but Tig, what's your email? I need to talk to you about something important.

1,948 days : In New video editor and encoding

Looks impressive Tig! Can't wait to see more videos like this ;D.

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