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In Quake 3 for iOS
2,712 days ago: I've heard a long time ago that Quake 3 is (possible) available for iOS.. Does anyone knows it's true? And how do I install it?
In Are you guys on Quake Live?
2,712 days ago: Yes, i'm playing on Quake Live but i forgot my name...
In Your Best Custom Map Created By Yourself?
2,712 days ago: Lol i'm creating a very junky map of space but it's gonna be the worst map ever... Because i'm only thirteen years old and I'm Dutch so I am not good at English, and i got no experience XD
So, i don't know how to publish the map... (Can anyone help me???!! (I'm using GTKRadiant))
In FragTastic! Joins The Quake Community!
2,712 days ago: Welcome FragTastic you are always welcome
In Favorite Weapon?
2,712 days ago: I love the railgun and I got very high skills XD
In Favorite Quake 3 Arena Map? (No Custom Maps)
2,712 days ago: Tokay's Tourney!!! :) Very unkown map but i LOVE it :-D