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2,239 days : In How much free time do you have, Tig?

I like the anniversary additions.

WORD! =)

2,333 days : In Laggy Gameplay Online!

Does that happen to you only on certain maps? Maybe try to make a backup of your cfg then delete the q3config.cfg and yours. The q3config.cfg is generated automaticly while u start quake...

2,345 days : In How long it takes to publish reviews?

Personally, I don't know the occupation of everybody here, but I raise my hat to everyone who spends his/her spare time for a project like this site, which is time consuming like hell. I honestly respect the ambitious work done here! If updates take a while, so be it.
Just my thoughts^^

[edit] my mobile has no spellcheck :/

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2,347 days : In Large code update plus donations

Ah, ok.
Browse Menu does it^^
My bad...

2,347 days : In Q3 to QL conversion, map do not appear in callvote list

Maybe this site may help...
The stickies may be of interest =)
There is a lot of information on how to build QL maps properly. I didn't went through the whole site, but after a swift skim it seems to me as if opening a thread there is the way to "submit" QL maps

2,348 days : In Large code update plus donations

Hey there!
I wonder how you and Mand0g could keep this going for so long without donations =) Not to mention the time you've spend...
I hope people will spam you with money :D
PayPal works fine, btw.
I also follow your work on small screen solutions. I visited ..::LVL via smartphone a couple of times now and didn't face any problems so far. The little pop up menu (Sections...) is a good Idea imho.
Keep it up ;)

Well the "Forum" doesn't appear on my phone...

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