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1,819 days : In Where'd Tig zip off to anyway?

Please don't grate on Tig!

He's doing all this here for us -
and he's doin' it for free ;)

1,838 days : In Donations

Aw, ok. Then I gonna check it out when I'm home.

Google stinks anyways... always kinda reminds me of Skynet

1,839 days : In Donations

Wasn't here for a while, so I'm just wondering...
Can't find the donate button o.O

Where'd you hide it Tig?

2,073 days : In A little side project - not Q3A related

Cool bike. Love the paint job^^

Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly ;)

2,101 days : In Q3A + windows 10?

I run q3a on win10 and didn't experience any problems so far...

Edited 2 days after the original posting.

2,291 days : In New video editor and encoding

No problems here so far 😊
You are doing a great job there, sir.

2,322 days : In merry christmas and a happy new year

˚ ° ♫ ♪ Happy New Year everyone ♪ ♫ ° ˚

2,349 days : In Bot Support Question

Sock's documentation is great, but has a missing step which is editing the AAS in a hexeditor.
The procedure described in this thread www.quake3world.co...m/viewtopic.php pretty much worked for me...

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