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366 days : In How do you make fog?

And what about completely fog hulled maps (like Uriel's arena - I forgot how is it named and what's its file name)? The fog is brush across entire map or the fog is achieved through different means? I don't want to decompile the map to see it...

538 days : In Map reviews - How long b4 published after a review?

Well, speaking of review, I reviewed AkutaDM3. I'm surprised there's no reply in my inbox yet map is marked as reviewed. Did someone else review it as well (again)? :D :D

908 days : In Welcoming Thread

I'd like to start a fashion of welcoming new members. So I started this thread where everyone can welcome a new member :)
Speaking of that, I'd like to welcome new member Vooja, which I believe is from Czech Republic, if he's the one with the same nick on Steam - I happen to added him in my friends list and Czech flag says it all :) Please, welcome to LvLworld.com :)

932 days : In Can Someone create a n00bs guide to install ioquake on LTS Ubuntu - & possibly snap package ?

@Chromenor: more than libsdl2-2.0-0 package (and its i386 version) is required. Run the ioquake3 executable (which still has some links to original quake3 executable) and see which libraries are still missing. Then use dpkg -S missing_lib.so to search for required package. Always make sure to install both recent 64bit and 32bit versions if running 64bit Linux (install 32bit libraries by adding :i386 suffix to the package name)

936 days : In Can Someone create a n00bs guide to install ioquake on LTS Ubuntu - & possibly snap package ?

Well, I might route you over at quake3world.com, there ain't better support forum like that. I'm surprised nobody mention that or Google didn't spit out in results. Though this forum can supply pretty good help, give it a try at q3w, you'll get far better, since it is a home of programmers, who do have Linux expreriences...

938 days : In Trending levels (beta)

Wow, that look pretty good. Cureently, the only weight seems the review order, right? Can't wait the trending list dynamically change as comments, votes and mostly downloads will come.

945 days : In error

Actually, the texture name (shader name) is strictly 64 bytes long. If the name is shorter, rest of bytes are null. So you only have to ensure to remain within 64 bytes limit. It is good to use hex-editor with overwrite function. DO NOT DELETE BYTES, ONLY OVERWRITE! If you need to shorten the string, overwrite rest of bytes with null bytes. This is also the reason why shader names can't be longer than 64 bytes! Linked textures actually can be in longer paths, but you have to ensure the shader name, including path and directory separators (slash), is 64 bytes or less!

This is how texture looks like in BSP code:
typedef struct {
char[64] name; // Texture name = always 64 bytes long! If texture name is shorter, rest of bytes is NULL.
int flags; // Surface flags - this is surfaceparm definition from shader, in form of binary bitwise content
int contents; // Content flags - not sure what it does, but it's there. I think it has something to do with channels...
} texture_t;

Edited 2 days after the original posting.

946 days : In error

Once you edit the map version using the hex editor, the additional advertisement lump is going to be ignored. Since advertisement boards are part of map geometry, the missing entity isn't a problem. You may miss Green Armor in vanilla or Team Arena, CPMA should load that one up without issues. However, if you want to play with bots, you will need to compile a new AAS file, since the old one is linked with the original and AAS has to be newer date&time than BSP in order to work. And of course the version mismatch. But this is just a single command line :)

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