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137 days : In COVID-19 Special

Similar deal here. I have two jobs; one retail, the other inside a fulfillment center. The store I work at closed last week and won't open until April 3, whereas I can go to work at my other job because I have an "essential logistics worker" paper I keep in my car.

The state I live in allows me to go out and buy things, though some stores and restaurants are either closed or features like sitting at tables at Pizza Hut are currently unavailable. Some states like New York put a quarantine prohibiting people from leaving their homes at all, however our President wants to get everyone back to work within a week or two so we can recover our economy. The stock market has been a roller coaster all week long.

As for projects like making custom maps and mods, I'm in a similar boat as you Tig. I have two custom maps I'm making for Quake 3, a custom map unfinished for Garry's mod, a custom mod for Civilization IV: Colonization in the works, several custom maps for Star Wars: Battlefront (2004) I've barely started, a custom map I'm working on in Doom 2016, a custom map for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade I lost progress on due to the save file getting corrupted, a custom map for Dawn of War II: Retribution not fully packed together, and a race I haven't fully playtested and still haven't finished working on portrait pictures for in Space Empires IV.

I have a bad habit of getting ideas for custom content to make before losing interest in it until months (or years) later. Though people encouraging me as well as feeling upbeat helps me get back to doing it.
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167 days : In CTF Mod that allows for more than 2 teams to play?

The only one I know of is Tribal CTF. (www.gamewatc...ibal-ctf-beta-mod) and www.esreality...a-tribal-ctf-le/) It's a total conversion mod from 2001 that adds a third team (green IIRC) and only has one map that supports a third faction.

Unfortunately I can't seem to get it to work on my laptop anymore (said Z_Malloc: failed on allocation of 30608 bytes from the main zone) and I think I recall trying the mod out and either bots weren't re-scripted for the mod or if the map lacked an .aas file. It's a shame because it was such an original concept to me.

194 days : In First post, only took 14 years!

We're still here, but sadly most of the people who were contributing between 2006 and 2017 aren't posting anymore :(

I still contribute (somewhat) if I can stop being lazy and finish my maps. I sort of put both my map projects on hold until I feel inspired enough to work on them again (lately I've been in a Civilization IV: Colonization phase).

281 days : In Is it possible to make an elevator manually go down?

How exactly do I do that? I made a button at the top of the elevator with Angle -148 and it didn't move the elevator down. Am I missing something?

283 days : In Is it possible to make an elevator manually go down?

I'm trying to make an elevator go up and down with buttons, but the way lifts work in Quake 3 it seems that buttons can only make it go up, not down. The lifts won't go back down if the player is still standing on them, and the only way to go to the lower level is to jump through a conveniently placed hole in the roof of the elevator since pressing a second button at the top does nothing but bring the lift up.

311 days : In Is there a way for Tig to edit mispelled tags?

Some of the map theme tags such as "Terrain" (lvlworld.com/overview/id:1197) and "id Terrain" (lvlworld.com/overview/id:2391) are misspelled as "Terrian". I was wondering if Tig had the ability to correct the spelling because I didn't just want to delete the tags and make new ones, because it would be harder to go and change the tags of every terrain map instead of just changing the existing ones at this point. I'm not suggesting anyone can do this because I don't want such a system to be open to vandalism. Thanks in advance.

320 days : In Member profile and map release inconsistencies

The only flaw I see with reviews giving 20 reputation with no option to rate the reviews (something that was suggested several years ago) is people like BFG20k can write poor reviews like here: lvlworld.com...ts/id:1807#n25427 and they get a ton of reputation even if the review is bad. Though I suppose one answer to poor reviews would be to offer to write a replacement. A good example of this was Stonemaze lvlworld.com/review/id:1860 where the original review was essentially this:

It pains me that someone would post a map like this.
Stay away!

Reviewed by Anonymous

I remember I posted anonymously with the handle "$$" (you could check the IP address and see that it's me). I don't really remember why I made posts with different names, but I guess I wanted to make it appear that the map was getting new comments from more than just me at the time. Anyway, as $$ I offered to write a whole new review since I actually enjoyed playing the map in a LAN game with people I know and I was annoyed that that passed for a review. I suppose every map needs at least a placeholder review and finding people willing to write reviews is getting more and more scarce. However if someone writes an objectively bad review, then I think the 20 rep should be revoked from them if it gets replaced by a better review.

368 days : In Oldest/Newest posts

It used to be we could click "oldest" for scrolling through comments, members on the member list, and forum posts. But I noticed at some point we can no longer do this after a few website updates, making navigating the website less convenient. Why was this feature removed?

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