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In Tools of the trade?!? Need help...
48 days ago: Try GTK Radiant 1.6.5 I sort of struggled to learn how to use it, but a lot of stuff I needed to know that wasn't in the manual I looked up You could also try older versions of GTKRadiant if you want, but I use 1.6.6.
With GTKRadiant you not only can make maps for Quake 3, but also games like RTCW and Jedi Academy.
In Map reviews - How long b4 published after a review?
66 days ago: I also reviewed Demonhouse in case nobody else went for it.
In Map reviews - How long b4 published after a review?
72 days ago: Did Tig email you about the review you submitted? Also reviews don't show up on your profile until he adds them to the main page.
My guess the reason it's been longer than usual for a reviews update is he's been busy lately.
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74 days ago: Just noticed your post. I'll review your map soon, though it's up to Tig to upload the new reviews.
I tried playing your map, but the game crashes and I get this error: "Z_Malloc: failed on allocation of 16777240 bytes from the main zone"
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In Projectiles disappearing in my map
150 days ago: I've already completed #3, I don't know what level to set com_hunkmegs to, and I don't know what I'm supposed to do about the map VIS to fix this problem. Based on what you can see from the file what observations can you make?

Also now on the red base the textures in the crater and RG trench are missing for some reason. Why is this happening even when I go into Radiant, I don't see anything unusual? (did a brush cleanup and nothing unusual was found)
In Projectiles disappearing in my map
153 days ago: I made most brushes in my map that aren't doors, buttons, or lifts (with the exception of the ones that seal it to prevent leaks) detail to fix the problem where sometimes projectiles like rockets and plasma (as well as monsters in the Hunt mod) will turn invisible. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I tried googling this and nobody seems to know.
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153 days ago: New Bug: Projectiles disappearing. I read somewhere that to remedy this I should make most terrain brushes detail instead of structural. This didn't fix the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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In Map I'm making: The Death Strip
154 days ago: Fixed the missing sky texture. The problem was skies.shader wasn't called krds.shader.
Now it's mostly a matter of deciding what other barrier troops need to be in the blue base, and what to use to fill the empty areas in the bases.
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