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It used to be we could click "oldest" for scrolling through comments, members on the member list, and forum posts. But I noticed at some point we can no longer do this after a few website updates, making navigating the website less convenient. Why was this feature removed?

10 days : In How do you make fog?

Thank you. I figured out that when making fog all sides must have the fog shader, not just one.

21 days : In How do you make fog?

I'm trying to make a room that is filled with a tan-orange fog, but every time I make a brush textured with fog clouds it's solid and always the basic white color. I tried looking this up in the manual, on worldspawn, and through searching it on Google and came up with nothing helpful.

Could anyone make a step-by-step walkthrough on how to go about this?

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If he really wanted to steal a map, why would he choose a map that could easily be found elsewhere? My first map may not be incredible by today's standards, but I can prove that it is 100% my own work that began with a sketch that I drew before I learned how to use GTK Radiant.

I noticed FragTastic hasn't posted since 2016. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised if he's read that we eventually caught on to what he did.

Even now after everything that has happened between me and everyone I've disagreed with on this site in the past 7 years, I still stand by everything that I said.

Edited 1.62 hours after the original posting.

58 days : In ..::LvL website layout feedback

@Tig: I like this feature. Thank you!

59 days : In ..::LvL website layout feedback

On the issue of privacy: what do people think about the idea of making votes private for members as well? I can see the public nature of the vote has the advantage of accountability, but at the same time I don't really care about the reputation in terms of public prestige. My voting system is as much an indicator for myself of the maps i like/don't like as it is about the maps. While I haven't really encountered any abuse of the system personally myself, solving the old problem of spamming maps with down votes seems to be shifted now to members being spammed with down votes if there are disagreements. I noticed that CZghost came across this problem in the forum threads. (this wouldn't be so much of an issue if one could use a favourites feature rather than the votes feature to access favourite maps).

I prefer not only leaving all votes public, but I also prefer having reputation casting public as well. When votes and rep casts were public there was accountability for such actions and people could be held responsible for the way they act. I don't support the idea of making it impossible to track this sort of thing, and I want things to go back to the way things were with reputation casting being public.

73 days : In q3dm12 edit request

Only thing still troubling me is the player skins.

I couldn't find anywhere how to get the bots to play with their original model skin. They all look like Keel. How do you change that?

Do you have "Force Player Models" in Game Options turned off?

80 days : In map toxic fabric

however, the one missing ingredient for my tastes = no bot file. i had the feeling it would be part of a nice single player map series.

The bot file wouldn't compile? If that's the case I had that happen once with my map, but I saved the files for a previous version so I could see if I could complete the map with bot support.

I've been contemplating making this single-player map for the Hunt mod that would have bot support in it. The reason I would opt for HUNT and not EntityPlus for this specific idea I have is that I want it to be cooperative.

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