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1,594 days : In How to make a patch PK3

Thanks for the guide Tig. It should clear confusion for people who want to create fixes.

1,594 days : In Fellow Quakers!

Welcome back FragTastic! I was also away these months and rarely visited this time but now I should visit the place more often.

1,767 days : In Quake Live?

Well that's a shame, I remember many years ago when Quake 3 Arena was still populated on servers and I even remember finding a working Quake 3 Team Arena server on 2010 with 2 people. I played Quake Live in 2010-2011 and it was fun, though I didn't enjoy once how on a server I got my ass kicked by a pro player (30 to 1) and had to rage quit, lol. Good times! (2005-2011)

EDIT: I forgot to mention but first time I started with Quake 3 1.11 which had different servers, then I found out about 1.32 and custom maps and mods. Most of the 1.32 servers were running excessiveplus mod which was ok but sometimes I wished to find a "vanilla" type of server.

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1,767 days : In In Q3 Arena 1.32 is it a maximum supported maps

Yeah I remember 10 years ago when I was downloading tons of Quake 3 maps and I remember I couldn't load some maps from skirmish menu, it was very annoying! I also remember when I installed hundreds of maps into baseq3 (the Quake 3 folder had about 2 GB I believe) and then suddenly I couldn't load anymore a map or just the last map I downloaded. It said something like "Bad Command Monkey". Anyone know what exactly happened here?

1,780 days : In Hey guys, I'm back!

Sorry for late reply (I forgot to visit site again) but I like these mods: Catch the Chicken, EntityPlus, Generations Arena, Hunt Mod, Painkeep Arena, Superheroes Arena, etc. I like these mods because they mostly add a lot of stuff into game and change gameplay a bit, etc.

I remember excessive plus mod since years ago, though I didn't need to have it installed to play on servers, I remember playing on servers without it, just running plain unmodified Quake 3.

EDIT: But yeah I remember most of servers ran mods that changed how weapons worked, health and other stuff. Most of servers I played were with modified gameplay but there were some vanilla servers, too.

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1,786 days : In Hey guys, I'm back!

Yes I will install Quake 3 Gold (that installs both Arena and Team Arena), EntityPlus and a ton of custom maps but I don't think I will install CPMA as I don't like that mod. I will install other mods instead. :P

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1,787 days : In Hey guys, I'm back!

Hi guys! I apologize for not visiting site earlier, I actually finished a month and half ago with my exams and everything was fine since I passed them. I also signed up for college a month ago. But yeah problem is that I forgot to visit the site lately, maybe I should install Quake 3 Arena, Team Arena expansion and a couple of custom maps and mods. :)

1,991 days : In Guess Who's Back!

Hey there FragTastic! Welcome back! I also need to visit this time more often, lol.

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