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756 days : In Why mods like Generations and OA stopped making newer downloads?

I'm sorry for bumping a nearly 2 month old topic (just finished last week with my final exam and graduated college) but I have been wondering the exact same thing in past couple of months.

Regarding GA, I have followed their development since around 2010-2011 and I have also noticed a couple more recent updates, including finishing TA support, which I think is awesome. So for this one I can understand and wait because I know it should be near completion, as I talked with Phoenix (one of the main developers of Generations Arena) 2 years ago last time and I know he told me once he finishes TA support, he will continue to polish the existing features and possibly release version 1.0. I don't remember all the details but this is what I remember. I could ask him again these days.

Regarding OA, I only remember playing a little bit of it in past (and somewhat recently) and I found it okay but it's just nowhere near as good as the original Quake 3 Arena, I don't know how to say it but maybe the art style doesn't please me enough. I know OA is pretty much what FreeDoom is for Doom but I know as of lately FreeDoom started improving a lot compared to how it was years ago, at least until development slowed down again but OA hasn't seen a new release since 2012. I still hope to see it finished someday.

Also I want to ask Leilei specifically: There is a similar situation going with DOSBox. There hasn't been a new release since 2010 and I know you are registered on their forums, so I assume you know something about that but could you please tell me what is the exact status and what's exactly going on? I have been waiting for a new version of DOSBox since like 3 years ago and still no new release. Much like in case of GA and OA, I find a bit annoying how there hasn't been a new version released since YEARS. I mean I am not asking much because I'm sure they could release at least a new version once per year or maybe once at every 3 years but I find irritating that DOSBox while is still in development, hasn't seen a new version since 8 years. That's kinda stupid in my opinion, considering the fact that there have been so many bug fixes and improvements since the last official version. I know maybe the DOSBox team plans to release 1.0 version, just like the 2 mods mentioned above with their constant delaying and no new release before 1.0 but I feel like they should post an update or something, at the very least. I also noticed on their forums, how some people have asked what is going on and their threads were locked, which is pretty stupid, in my opinion.

Once again sorry for bumping the topic and for talking a bit off-topic but I wanted to say my thoughts. And I haven't visited this site since some time but now I'm back and I'm ready to play a lot of maps from this site and maybe record some demos for a couple of maps, as I planned years ago.

1,414 days : In Hey guys, I'm back!

Thanks Tig!

1,415 days : In Hey guys, I'm back!

Ah yes I completely forgot about my Unofficial SP Patch for Threewave. I had in mind to return the patch one day but I found that pointless as people can already play the maps from Skirmish menu (or in case of TA, from Start Server menu).

And yeah I did know about those 13 removed releases, that's why I mentioned the missing reviews 127 and 133.

I have a small request: can you modify my profile to remove the maps I downloaded from past? I don't want to have any downloaded maps on my profile and there doesn't seem to be a way to remove them.

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1,416 days : In Hey guys, I'm back!

I have finished voting all the maps, including newer ones I never voted before. It took me years to fix all my votes but I'm glad I did anyway. I was much more generous this time with scores, though I still gave a few zeros to really bad maps.

Anyway there is something I don't understand. I know there are 2325 releases in total but then why my reputation is 2326 and I have 2327 votes in total? I don't understand why there is a difference of 1 point between each. Was there a map removed that I had voted on it in 2011 and now I can't vote anymore but it still remembers my vote? I am curious.

EDIT: I'm referring to maps that were removed and can't be found anymore, such as reviews 127 and 133. They can't be accessed and there are more that were reviewed but I haven't counted them.

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1,418 days : In Mark's gone?

SW12, I will make new comments on maps when I will get around to playing them. I don't see this happening soon because as I said on my other topic, the next month I start the second year of college and I won't have much time around.

About Mark, maybe he changed his name to HelterSkeleton:

I'm not too sure but it could be him.

1,419 days : In How to make a patch PK3

My bad Colton, I didn't know you requested this.

Anyway I could try to make some patches myself and submit here because there are some issues I noticed with some maps.

1,419 days : In Hey guys, I'm back!

Hey guys, just a little update time. I re-installed Quake 3 recently using my original Quake 3 Gold but this time I actually installed the game off the CD and then patched to 1.32 and it also installed the extra pk3 files (pak2.pk3 and pak3.pk3) for Team Arena! Before I used to install 1.32 Patch directly, then only copy the pak0.pk3 file from the CD directly into the baseq3 folder and then copy missionpack folder directly into the Quake 3 folder. Looks like I learned something new.

Anyway few days ago I tried out a few custom maps in Single Player mode using /spmap command. The problem is that after you complete 4 or so maps, the SP menu gets glitched and starts adding locked tiers and messes up stuff. This was a problem that also happened years ago when using mods that add new tiers to the game, so I thought that playing this way wouldn't mess up the game. From now on I decided to simply play from the Skirmish menu as there is no point in playing custom maps in SP mode at all, Skirmish does pretty much the same thing but also allows you to customize bots, set fraglimit, timelimit, play in TDM, 1V1 and CTF modes and so on. The problem was that I only wanted to have medals stored in SP menu from all these maps but it's okay, I can live without that.

For Team Arena, I remember making a SP patch years ago that allowed you to play original maps in SP menu that weren't found before in the SP menu, those maps being Distant Screams, Final Strike and Beyond Reality. Of course I also did a Threewave patch as well but ultimately I decided it was pointless, so I stopped making patches, as you can already play them from Skirmish menu (in this TA case, it's called Start Server). Sure it was nice to store all these stats in SP menu but I don't see the point anymore.

As for me, I am still fine and still fixing the votes from past. Next month I start the second year of college and once again I will be busy. I will still visit the site when I have free time, so don't worry. I should be able to finish with voting maps the next week, anyway.

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1,419 days : In Mark's gone?

I didn't know he left. But I know he is still active on the Duke4.net forums (there is also a member Mark with avatar of a skeleton, so I'm assuming it's him) because I'm also registered on Duke4.net and I see him posting occasionally. I also remember leaving in past and requesting my posts to be deleted but I returned sometime later, in 2014 I believe. Too bad I kinda miss my posts but there is nothing that can be done about that.

By the way if someone wonders about me, yes I'm still fixing the crappy votes from past. I managed recently to re-vote everything, even what I started re-voting in 2014-2015 and this time it's the final time I'm voting. I reached about 1300 maps voted and I'm sure I will finish voting everything by the next week. I also changed my avatar to the DoomGuy's face avatar, it looks better than the Q3 DoomGuy avatar, at least in my opinion.

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