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3,654 days : In Post new maps early?

lol There are already 6 reviews in the map queue, and I thought it wouldn't make sense to wait 30 days when you could just publish them. Any ideas, Tig?

3,728 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

I use WINDOWS 2000 and MAC OS X.

3,729 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

Well, thanks to DaEngineer at Quake3World, I can FINALLY make ass files! Thank you all for your help. I will probably post my latest map in the queue later today, WITH AN AAS FILE!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

3,732 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

And, I never said I make the maps on the Mac. You must of misunderstood. The facts are not changing, probably communication problems. I hope.

3,732 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

Ok, I make the maps on Win2000 with GTKRadiant 1.4.

3,733 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

Ok, I'm quite frustrated, I FINALLY got WINBSPC to work on ANOTHER windows, (ITS VISTA), but, it has
(1: A Virus
(2: A Trojon
(3: A Worm
(4: It is in TERRIBLE shape.
(5: But I can still work on it with WINBSPC
(6:I could not download WINBSPC directly from the Vista because it has a virus so I:
(1: Downloaded BSPC on my Mac
(2: Copied it and the map to a disc
(3: Copied them to the Win 2000
(4: From there, copied it to a portable harddrive (I couldnt put it on a disc because the disc drive on the Vista busted :P)
(5: Put the harddrive in the Vista
(6: Launched WINBSPC from the harddrive on the Vista
(7: Compiled the map to a AAS file
(8: Copied it on the portable harddrive
(9: Copied the map and the aas to the Win 2000
(10: Copy it to a disc (I cant copy the aas directly from the harddrive to the Mac because the harddrive is windows format)
(11: Copied it to the Mac
(12: Launced Q3, just to find out that the aas file DID NOT WORK >:(
BTW, this is how I make maps:
(1: I make the map on the Win 2000 with GTKradiant 1.4
(2: Compile it
(3: Copy it to the portable harddrive
(4: Copy it to the Mac
(5: Start it up
So, basically, I have 3 computers: Windows 2000, Windows Vista, And Mac OS X.
Yeah, it's confusing.
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3,733 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

It's running 2000.

3,733 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

I think I should of told this before but I do have a windows computer, it's an old one, but it works.
But BSPC won't work on it.
And bootcamp, I don't have the installation disc, and I don't have the time or money to get one.

Thank You

Yeah I'm kinda losing mah temper. Sry

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