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19 days : In How do you make fog?

Fog can be finicky sometimes. For orange fog, try the fog_timdm2 shader in sfx. There are some others similar to it (the ones with white "FOG" text on a yellow background), so see which one works best for you.

56 days : In ..::LvL website layout feedback

On a different subject, I also wouldn't mind a "map favoriting" system. What Tig described seems great to me:

Re: Favourites - Would an extension of the bookmarks be suitable? For example, adding the options to mark as a private, favourite, add notes, played, will play and then the option to filter based on these flags be suitable?

56 days : In ..::LvL website layout feedback

Very good point. Though I think the majority of his "reputation" was gained before he posted the stolen map. I'm also pretty sure his bio is 100% lies, as I can't find anything related to those claims.

57 days : In ..::LvL website layout feedback

I'd have to agree with SW12.

59 days : In Member profile and map release inconsistencies

Ok thanks Tig. I also noticed the profiles of cityy and AEon appear to have incorrect release counts as well.

59 days : In Member profile and map release inconsistencies

I have noticed on my profile and some others that the number of maps released isn't always consistent with the maps on the website. For example, my profile says 3 releases, but putting my name in the search bar yields 7 results.

276 days : In Site new code update?

Ah yes, the review page is much better now. I was starting to miss those links at the top of each map page. That pop-up menu button at the bottom was cool, but I think that really works better for mobile users. I'm glad there are both options now. Keep it up Tig!

P.S. My monitor is 1920x1080, and I've also browsed the website on my iPod touch. The website looks good and functions well on both devices as far as I can tell.

Edited 2.78 minutes after the original posting.

486 days : In Why not to move the levels with verdict "not worth to download" or so, to separate cathegory?

Wow, I didn't even notice that new style, very nice indeed!

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