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In Site new code update?
156 days ago: Ah yes, the review page is much better now. I was starting to miss those links at the top of each map page. That pop-up menu button at the bottom was cool, but I think that really works better for mobile users. I'm glad there are both options now. Keep it up Tig!
P.S. My monitor is 1920x1080, and I've also browsed the website on my iPod touch. The website looks good and functions well on both devices as far as I can tell.
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In An idea
375 days ago: I would be all for this.
In Quake Live?
1,336 days ago: Just tried out Quake III, turns out the servers are quite populated over there, however most of them are probably filled with bots. If anyone knows some good Quake III servers I'd be happy to join.
Edit: Seems that most of the players in the servers are just spectating, whats going on?
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In Quake Live?
1,336 days ago: So I decided to try out Quake Live again (I have it on Steam now), but there were only 3 servers open in my area and I couldn't even join because of the high ping. Besides, 2/3 of the servers were empty, and the one only had 4 players. Is Quake Live dead or something? Do any of you still play it? I used to be really good at it, I had a pro membership and everything.
In Quake III Servers
1,566 days ago: So I've been rolling back to play some older games, one of them being Quake III. I have found some severs with players but most of the players are in the spectators group. Why is this? Usually there are only 4-6 players actually playing, and the other 20 are spectating. Why don't people play? :c
In "Real" pop-up windows?
1,717 days ago: I was thinking, when you cast a vote or comment on something, it would be nice to have a true pop-up window rather than a separate page for it.
Just a thought.
In Y No servers?
1,738 days ago: A shame the game is dying, I have SO many good memories of Quake III, playing it and making maps for it.