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2,462 days : In [OpenArena] Gauging interest for a mappack

You know, I saw this post and decided to give Open Arena a look, and I must say... I'm pretty impressed with what i've seen so far. Maybe not so much about the models and whatnot, but for a game that is basically Q3, it's got some pretty smart bots and some slick looking levels thus far.

2,463 days : In LVL - QLIVE - New Joint Service Proposal

Man, I typed up a reply right after you posted this but apparently it didn't go through... Here goes with the recap of what I can remember...

Tig, I'll help you in whatever way I can. If you just don't have the time you need to get around to everything around here, that's fine, I'll do some batch reviews, screenshots, videos, etc - just like I did many years ago when the queue got pretty backed up.

I admire the fact that there is still a fearsome Q3 community, or that there is one altogether. In it's heyday, before Counterstrike got big, before COD and the military shooters were even dreamt of, there was Quake 3 Arena. Then Rocket Arena... I remember the day RA3 came out, I was heading into school, and I had just finished downloading all of the files overnight so that I could play for about 10 minutes before I had to rip myself away from the computer to end up thinking about it nonstop until I got out of school (i didn't write any of this stuff before in the 'failed to post'...). Anyway, Q3 was just an awe inspiring game, and it is still capable of amassing quite a volume of players for both aesthetics and sweet action packed gameplay. While QLIVE has turned out to be a blessing, the handling by it's moderators and level selectors has proven to be quite cursed. It is almost as if there were a bunch of 15 year old kids that started playing Q3 in 2008 and said, "Hey check out these 15 levels that are pretty cool." While maybe 15 of them are decent maps, only 3 or 4 of them will end up being the battlegrounds for the people that DO get around to logging in.

What i'm getting at is this, the levels on QLIVE need to be better chosen. I'm not saying they're all bad maps, i'm not even saying that they aren't all GOOD maps, but there's a bunch of criteria that makes a map GOOD and then another matter ADDICTING. If we were to focus our attention on nominating those maps in this database that are simply ADDICTING, I think the QLIVE team would have no other choice than to test them for themselves and since we've been around for 15 years, they will accept that we know what the F we're doing.

The notion I get thus far is that everyone on QLIVE is happy with the way things are. I know this isn't the case... I'm not. I enjoyed the fact that they redid 'The Edge' and 'Warehouse' but they did nothing with 'Tokay's Towers', or 'The Pits' or 'Hallways'. The latter were just a fkin good as the rest and it's a shame that when I play on Warehouse via QLIVE today, I can be the only one that knows that it's a QUAKE 2 LEVEL...

Beyond that, I'm not saying we need Quake 2 levels rebuilt or Q1 for that matter, that is another matter entirely. However, I know damned well that Blood Run ended up being where it is ALL THANKS TO LVL. Ztn published many maps, Q2 levels, Q3 levels, and I know those maps were all featured on here. In fact, I'm willing to bet that every map that is ON QLIVE is in the LVL database.

That alone is a huge argumentative factor here, that we should have some say in what goes on in the Quake community that lives. But enough of all of the ranting, Tig, I'm ready to do whatever you think needs to be done, if all you'll do is give me whatever access I need, and whatever list of things that need to be taken care of, you have my word that I will either do all of the work myself, or I will find people to help me get it done. I will definitely need some friends to get this done as reviewing a level is never a matter of how well the bots play... merely just a minor category.

2,465 days : In LVL - QLIVE - New Joint Service Proposal

I would hope not... Although planetquake became ign, i doubt history would repeat itself, at least in this respect

2,465 days : In LVL - QLIVE - New Joint Service Proposal

So hear me out when I say this... I'm actually surprised that you've dedicated the past 15 years to maintaining this website tig, I mean, I started checking this out and pumping maps when I was 13, 14 years old, and now I am almost 30. Needless to say, I think it would be a shame to not have some kind of updated and interactive service between qlive and lvlworld. Both are dedicated to the same 15+ year old game. Both are constantly updated. Both offer tantalizing moments and breathtaking new ideas, although qlive maybe less inclined to produce 'wow' factors as all of the maps have been played and played.

Perhaps we could come up with a proposal to the QLIVE staff, that would offer a chance to have custom maps that receive the highest votes per category... Quite frankly I am getting a bit sick of their rigid map structure, unfortunately, not many people even bother with Q3 anymore, even the ones on qlive that still have it. It is a shame to be a qlive player who used to make plenty of new fun filled environments and gameplay yet resort to whatever the QLIVE staff thinks is best.

And quite honestly, their suggestions really blow. There are some maps on the QLIVE list that I can't get enough of, but then there are others that once a server switches to it, the full server becomes empty in seconds. You know what that means? That means that both services could benefit from working together. Especially since there are thousands of players who play QLIVE and there are still map authors that are using GTK/Q3 Radiant.

If you think this might be a good idea, maybe I could help you generate a proposal to QLIVE. All I know is that we would need to be on the same page before I could contact them, as my reputation is a fraction of a percentage yours is, you would have a bigger impact than I ever could.

In a nutshell, each category should have a 2 or 3 map submission per month, or week, whatever sounds better. However, those maps that keep players on them for the longest amounts of time would be permanently accepted, and those who do not rate high enough will be put on the B list, where it could either come back again after a certain amount of time, or only when requested by a premium/pro. Also, requests by the community could also work the same way as voting, so if the community misses a map like Mustaine's Madness (the first Q3 custom map ever...) everyone could provide that suggestion. Then what you have is a tool that will sift out the ones worth submitting to QLIVE. Of course, all of this will HIGHLY DEPEND on the community, LVL, and QLIVE staff.

Really I think the problem is that all of the stats are tracked and studied too much in some aspects, and barely looked at in others. The people will always want what they want, and where players are ranked by ELO, maps should be ranked by another equation. I believe that LVL could fill QLIVE with some fresh content that players will be very satisfied with, instead of seeing a vanishing player base.