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1,704 days : In Map themes/settings that were probably never done in q3

Underwater base:

Not to forget Lost at sea by Kaz: lvlworld.com/review/id:2125

2,294 days : In [OpenArena] Gauging interest for a mappack

"The license isn't closed enough for my liking" is not a project issue.

That is true.
However, I don't see the point except for open source ideology - which is not a bad thing, but a limiting factor that at the end of the day is only slowing down the project development, at least on the art side.

2,294 days : In LVL - QLIVE - New Joint Service Proposal

id software hosting a server for continously trying different custom maps with Quake Live is most likely not going to happen from what I have heard the past years.
The reason for QL not to support custom maps is that id is hosting all the servers and thus distributing all the content. Distributing content requires you to have the rights to the material you are letting people download which eventually means that you have to buy the content backed up by an official and legally correct contract document.

The way to get your map into the game currently is getting community backup on the QL forums (they added a dedicated map making section not too long ago) and potentially send an email out to SyncError.

Edit: I think a potential work around would be to release all levels under lvl OGSL if that still exists. However that would only be allowed for those relying on stock materials as reference sites like cgtextures AFAIR conflict with open source licensing.

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2,319 days : In [OpenArena] Gauging interest for a mappack

OA has the same issue as Xonotic and other open source games before which is releasing assets under GPL... GPL was designed to be a software license and is totally unappealing for any artist to use.
I hope you get lots of maps but going GPL is sort of a no-go for me and probably for quite a few other people as well.

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2,893 days : In CA Maps

You can simply "\callvote mode CA" and vote any map you like.

2,928 days : In Where's the Carmack Fortress? (krep1)

Don't take it personal Tig; he has been a dick over at Q3W as well.

Edit: One of his maps is still in the queue btw.
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2,938 days : In Fileplanet shutting down

Yep, the current version is 1.48 - 1.49 is in developement though.

3,392 days : In Common Brushes?

Caulk brushes are used on surfaces of brushes that do not face the void. Surfaces that are covered with the caulk texture do not get rendered ingame - thus the amount of triangles drawn gets reduced. If you do not use caulk q3 will render every surface of the brush, disregarding if you can see them ingame or not. (afaik)

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