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845 days : In Site new code update?

The new "site code", or layout presentation, seems odd (to me). Every action is more click-costly than before...
When clicking on "Screenshots"(or cliking "+", then "Screenshots"), I first used the "<" and ">" (lower left) for screenshots navigation, while it's in fact maps navigation. I though there was a bug, until I realized my mistake.
I'm not convinced it's a improvement in term of navigation & visualization, at least for the "maps part" (maybe it's fine for general top level menu sections, I'm not sure).
Maybe it's because I'm an old schmuck. But maybe a good part of people using this site are too? :D
Anyone else here agree? Or disagree? about this on-going change... :)

2,165 days : In OH NOES! It's THAT time of year (again) :D

This made me laugh! Good one.
For big CTF team play without human, I personally enjoy a lot the venerable UT, but I prefer Q3 for pure 1-1 and for everything else too. :)
I did bought the UT official CD at day launch just because Q3 disk was not available back then in early December 1999 in Belgium, and I was so disappointed in the Bruxelles FNAC shop (big european shop brand) that I decided to try that brand new UT while waiting one more week for the Q3 official disk.
All in all I'm happy for that small Q3 delay, 'cause both are great, different for sure, but both are top notch arena shooter (I still prefer Q3 ;).