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17 days : In New website :)

@Tig WOW!

21 days : In My notes - personal map comments

@Tig wow! Thanks. look forward to trying this out

28 days : In @Member notifications

@Tig just a couple of things (1 might need to be moved to a more appropriate thread), but while we are testing the tag feature for messaging: it would be nice to be able to return to the messages from the drop down in the top right where it appears. once opened and marked as read, I had to return to the thread manually through the menu.

@Tig you might remember me suggesting a note feature for the comments section??? the motivation is that sometime I like to make notes about a maps features for personal reference. The only place for this is the comments section but the comments are public. This means currently sometimes people will agree/disagree with comments when they are really only intended for personal reference. I don't know how difficult this would be, but my suggestion is this: where the post/submit button presently exists could there be a button that says perhaps private/hidden that when selected would make the comment only viewable to that particular user and not to others. this way people could use the comments feature for notes without having to always go public. Thoughts?

243 days : In Best maps still in "beta" stage

yeah, I like hektik too. another one I play on a lot is astronomybeta

245 days : In Many maps missing on the site

@EmeraldTiger - you could always try the various message boards and also Discord. do people still even use icq anymore?

I do kinda agree with leilei. given someone apparently already submitted a level here as their own, if that has gone around the circuits it might have painted LvL in a somewhat negative light in the minds of some people. I think maybe some authors also have avoided submitting to LvL because they don't like the reviews maps get. Especially promode. Really what else is there to say about a map, but some don't like the fact that reviewer's don't taken promode into account when rating or reviewing maps. Petty, I know, but you still have to respect their right to control submission of their work, regardless of the reasons. Just look at youtube and the music situation. it is common for people to upload other artist's music rather than produce their own content. so I think as a sign of courtesy and respect, in the first instance one should contact the author direct.

on the other hand - most author's want their maps to be played and promoted - and most readme's allow for non-commercial free distribution so I agree with Tig. In the case you mentioned above, just keep a record that shows you at least tried to make contact. it's not really your fault either if contact details are no longer up to date. so as long as you tried I don't see a problem there. just dbl check with tig first.

247 days : In Many maps missing on the site

great idea raspatan! i see you may have already submitted some of my favourites. i have always lamented some of my fave maps were missing from here. great way to keep the site vibrant. I'm going to put some feelers out and contact some authors about permissions/getting their work submitted here. if anyone has already contacted people lemme know so i don't bother them again. cheers.

247 days : In Favorite Q3A Character?

@leilei XD Orbb has the most annoying sounds, he hardly gets used at all in DeFRaG because of this, But has some really cool skins - like the eightball one. One might think my favourite is bones. I do like bones and he is hard to sight on brick/stone backgrounds but i really like Keel's jump sounds and Visor's taunt. Also really like how Sorlag hisses "Danger" when she is low on health. the larger bright skin avatars are easier for sighting. Fave custom bot is Lobo. Is a good team player too. Also like the abe's odyssey custom bots and the alien bots/skins.
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448 days : In Suggestion on Commenting

Hi Tig, I've done a search of all the forum threads and this seemed the most appropriate one for my topic. So I will post here for now. But feel free to suggest a new thread if you feel that is more suitable.

Unfortunately this forum post comes in the form of a complaint.
Recently I questioned a member's disagreeing with my comment, because I could not see anything in the comment that did not reflect the map and queried as to what the disagreement was over.

Well this has now resulted in the said member spamming all my comments by disagreeing with them in a show of spite.
Not only is the spite frustrating but the act is also disheartening in the fact the member has clearly not played on many of these maps (well at least not from this site) because they have not been downloaded or voted on by the member. This just further support my case for the act being an act of spite. Panopticon by Redfella is one example.

I am sorry to have to bring this to your attention, but without naming names, I'd like to report the person for abuse of the comments feature and ask if a peaceful resolution to the issue could be arranged. I would have approached the individual directly but it appears we don't have a messaging facility on member profiles (probably a good thing seeing as you might not be able to moderate private disputes). I'm quite happy to discuss or debate the merits of a level with anyone but not if they are not going to be open to the dialogue.

Thanks in Advance.
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