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3,516 days : In Common Brushes?

I try to use caulk as the default texture when building then texture only the faces I can see. This does not always happen, but it is what I try to do :]

3,521 days : In Maps you would like to see on Quake Live

Yer, this is good news. Congrats to sst13 and ButterB. I wonder what map will be next.

3,528 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

How come in the screen shots posted on Quake3World you have a Windows XP desktop and DOS box? It even says 'Windows XP' in the DOS window where you are trying to run the bspc.exe commands.

3,529 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

So let me just get this straight, in point form:
Gooball in fact uses Windows XP, not Windows 2000, Vista or even OSX
There was no issue at all, just a lack of understanding on Gooballs side as to just how to use bspc.exe - because it is an MS-DOS program
* Gooball still does not really understand what MS-DOS is, but now that some else wrote a batch script and sent him a link, Gooball is happy.

I'm glad it is all sorted out but I really think a question like 'How the do you create a bot file for Q3A' could have been answered with a 'read the Q3Radiant Editor Manual' which is installed on your PC when you install the editor. There is an entire section dedicated to bots called 'Appendix C: Bot Navigation Files'. It may be a good idea to read this anyway.

3,530 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

Feel like sharing the solution or posting a link to the thread on Quake3World? It would be good to have the details for others that may read this thread - and I'm curious too :]

3,533 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

Do not use WINBSPC - that is the first issue. bspc.exe is the official and only thing needed to make a bot file besides a fully compiled, error free map (.bsp) file. Also, if you make a change to the map your bot file will need to be re-compiled.

Next, forget about the Vista PC and making a disk, instead use an external hard drive that has been formated on the Mac using Fat32 or from the PC using Fat32 - do NOT use NTFS. On a PC you may need to use something like Fat32Format - www.softpedia.com/...T32format.shtml - if the external drive is larger than 4GB.

bspc.exe and Fat32Format are both stand alone MS-DOS programs and both should work on Win2000 - but there is a chance they do not - if they do not work let us know. Also, as they are MS-DOS programs you can not just 'click' on them - you need to 'run' them from a DOS box. If you are unsure how to do that either use Google or post something here.

Hang on a sec, you said you make the maps on OSX, then at point 13 above (the one after 12, which you have labeled as 1 again) you say you use Win2000 ?? So which is it that you use? If it is Win 2000 you can skip all the external drive stuff and just focus on getting bspc.exe running correctly. It is a bit hard to help when the facts are changing.

3,534 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

Boot Camp is included (as it part of the OS, not something you buy) with your MAC if you have OS X v10.5 "Leopard" or v10.6 "Snow Leopard". More details here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boot_Camp (under 'Other' -> software) and more here: www.apple.com/support/bootcamp/ and even more as FAQs here: support.apple.com/kb/ht1656

As to the old Windows based PC, it should not matter how old or slow, if it is running XP it will work and should be easy to fix. How about some details as to the problem on the PC? Maybe this is the easiest to get up and running?

And yer, we are trying to help you so I don't understand why you would be losing your temper.

3,534 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

Two things you need to do Gooball:
1) Read up about OSX Bootcamp
2) Select and download a Linux / *BSD distro - or grab a WinXP disk from your local PC shop - and install it on your Mac

Once you have done that you will have no issues.

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