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3,223 days : In Gensurf functionality

A 8-Bit bitmap image is one that has only 256 colours in it. If you convert the image to 'greys' you should be able to save the image as 8-bit (greys only is 256 colours). You will need to make sure the Red, Green and Blue channels have been removed. You should then see an option to save as 8-Bit.

As to how you do this will depend on the graphics program you use. One method to force an 8-Bit colour image is to save an image in the GIF format (GIF is always 256 colours), then open the saved image, then you should be able to save as an 8-Bit (colour) Bitmap.

3,246 days : In Rate reviews

I guess something like this could work. Here are a few options, but open to more:

1) Did you 'like' or 'dislike' the review? - Currently X% like it (Y like, Z dislike)
2) Rate review - 0 to 10 scale - Currently X / 10 after Y votes
3) Do you agree with the review? Yes / No - Currently X% agree (Y yes, Z no) - same as a thumb up thumb down, just worded differently

You would need to be logged in to rate a review for sure and I think you should be able to change your rating just like now with the votes.

I think the ratings should be shown (somehow) on the member pages as well.

It would be a little while until something like this can be added, I'm a little busy at the moment, but please keep talking about it :]

3,262 days : In cant get pacman map to work...

Try the F.A.Q. section, at the top right to the site, under 'Site' -> 'F.A.Q.' - You will find a section on how to play a map.

Also, you only need to post the message once.

3,269 days : In Is it worth it to make a RA3 map nowadays?

Personally, I would not make a RA3 map today due to the small number of dedicated RA3 players unless you have direct links with a group of those players. I totally love the RA3 style of gameplay - its fast, frantic and you can jump in for a quick game and be gone 5 minutes later, or you can stay for ages, but the lack of bots and players is a shame.

If you have some ideas for arenas, look at merging the ideas or expanding on them into a small DM or Tourney release is my suggestion.

3,270 days : In Common Brushes?

I try to use caulk as the default texture when building then texture only the faces I can see. This does not always happen, but it is what I try to do :]

3,274 days : In Maps you would like to see on Quake Live

Yer, this is good news. Congrats to sst13 and ButterB. I wonder what map will be next.

3,282 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

How come in the screen shots posted on Quake3World you have a Windows XP desktop and DOS box? It even says 'Windows XP' in the DOS window where you are trying to run the bspc.exe commands.

3,282 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

So let me just get this straight, in point form:
* Gooball in fact uses Windows XP, not Windows 2000, Vista or even OSX
* There was no issue at all, just a lack of understanding on Gooballs side as to just how to use bspc.exe - because it is an MS-DOS program
* Gooball still does not really understand what MS-DOS is, but now that some else wrote a batch script and sent him a link, Gooball is happy.

I'm glad it is all sorted out but I really think a question like 'How the do you create a bot file for Q3A' could have been answered with a 'read the Q3Radiant Editor Manual' which is installed on your PC when you install the editor. There is an entire section dedicated to bots called 'Appendix C: Bot Navigation Files'. It may be a good idea to read this anyway.

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