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3,156 days : In AAS File Program Anyone?

Two things you need to do Gooball:
1) Read up about OSX Bootcamp
2) Select and download a Linux / *BSD distro - or grab a WinXP disk from your local PC shop - and install it on your Mac

Once you have done that you will have no issues.

3,159 days : In May I promote your site in my future maps?

Hi EmeraldTiger. You are more than welcome to place any ..::LvL adverts in your maps so long as the context is not misleading. By this I mean so long as ..::LvL is seen as a website for user-made Q3A maps, not for selling cars or porn or anything else that ..::LvL is not :]

You could include just the logo and URL without context as well, that would be more than OK as well. I just do not want ..::LvL to be seen to represent or promote something we do not do.

Let me know either here or via the contact form if you want or need any artwork.

3,161 days : In Screenshots

Instead of adjusting the brightness and contrast have a look for a 'levels' options. This will allow you to tweak the high, mid, low (and everything in-between) values. Most of the time you just need to tweak the high (bright) section and a little of the mid range.

Also take the screenshots at the highest possible screen size and visual quality you can. You can always scale down a shot and this will make it look 'sharper' too. Frame rate does not matter as you are taking a screenshot not playing the game :]

3,161 days : In Forum - mobile version

Yep, I also think a mobile version would be a good idea. It would be very handy as I often check the site from my PS3 (the PS3 uses the mobile version as well).

When I get a chance, I'll fix this up. Adding it to the todo list now :]

BTW, the mobile version of the forum will most likely be read only.
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3,168 days : In Will classics always be "the best"?

I think GuitarMan has hinted at the bigger issue, "they never give anything else a real chance" - "They" of course are the serious and hardcore players that know the 'classic' maps backwards and blindfolded. I've seen many server admins try to give custom maps a go but because the players leave the servers once a unknown level comes on, the custom maps are often removed. (This is a generalisation and needs to be taken with a fair amount of salt)

So, the big question is how do we get the good custom maps into the public domain for all see and play?

id Software have done a few great things in the past with community map packs which are free for download and play by all. With Quake Live id Software have also done a 'great thing', but restricting the custom community built levels to 'subscription only', pro maps. I only hope the level authors have been paid for the subscription levels.

These Quake Live maps should really be free for all to play otherwise how on Earth are they ever going to get a chance to be played. I understand that id Software has to make some money somewhere with Quake Live, but from user made maps seems to me like the wrong move in more than one way.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe by having these custom maps limited to the subscription players in fact helps the maps become popular. A number of players playing on these maps will lead to the customs maps being talked about. This in turn will establish a demand and curiosity about the maps that will lead to the custom maps being played more.

The other thing that may happen is id Softwares will move the custom maps into the 'free' section over time when new maps are added. Now that would be a good thing in my opinion.

Wow, what a rant! :]

3,171 days : In 5 Single Player Games

Haha, yer OK.

To me, the single player campaign of Left 4 Dead and and the Battlefield games are more of a level tutorial, a get-to-know-the-level thing, but sure I guess for some they could be seen a single player game :]

3,172 days : In 5 Single Player Games

@Incognito: Sure, but they are multi-player games, the focus here is on single player games :]

3,173 days : In 5 Single Player Games

Here is a short list of single player games NOT made by id Software that I think are great.
* Demon's Souls
* S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (slow loading, minor gameplay issues and a bit buggy)
* Portal
* Oblivion
* Fallout 3 (very buggy on PS3)

While not all games will appeal to everyone, some are buggy, and I would not recommend them to everyone either, I enjoyed these the games the most over the last 10 years.

I'm curious as to what non id Software games others have really enjoyed.

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