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22 days : In In Q3 Arena 1.32 is it a maximum supported maps

@raspatan clover.moe/flexible-hud-for-ioq3/ - That is the patch that includes the increase to the .arenamemory. So long as you are running ioquake3, just drop the pk3 in your baseq3.

There are also a number of nice tweaks and other changes. Personally, I use Flexible HUD for the other changes (like 8 maps instead of 4 on the menu and more). I only have a small number of PK3 files in the baseq3 at any one time.

23 days : In ..::LvL zip file metadata access

@raspatan (and anyone else) : Regarding mods and ..::LvL.

Please create an updated post on Best Quake III mods of all time lvlworld.com/thread/27/1 thread and I'll put something together.

What I will need is:

- Mod title
- Very short description
- URL for main site and / or download if possible.

I'll collate the list and link out to any mods still in production. Any mods that are no longer being worked on I'll mirror on ..::LvL (unless file space becomes a problem).

24 days : In ..::LvL zip file metadata access

Some of the data for the all the zip files that can be downloaded from ..::LvL is now publicly accessible.

For most people, this is pointless data. For developers it could be very useful. Get the full details here: lvlworld.com/metadata

The data is automatically updated once per day and will include the maps from the map queue.

Need something else for your Q3A project? Let me know.

40 days : In Formatting options and automatic links

A heap of code changes have been happening in the background and you should not see any difference on the site, but stuff has changed :)

You can now use some CommonMark commonmark.org/ features. This is a very restricted subset at this stage.

For example, typing the following and what you get:

Use a pair of * or _ around some text for italics: *This be in italics* and _this is for italics_ too.

Double up for bold: **And we can have bold too** or if you like __underscores for bold__ you need 2 of them.

One thing I have wanted over the years was to be able to have code or console settings text to stand out. You can now.

For `console or code`, wrap the text in a pair of ` (backtick).

A single * or _ or ` in a basic bit of text should not produce an issue. If there is an issue, you will need to type a \ in front. For example, \* or \_ or \`

If you are wanting to use bold or italics in the middle of a word, you should use the * version. For example: This is in italics is written as i*tal*ics. Using the underscore will only work if there is a space in front and behind the _ and in the middle of a word, that does not look right.

The changes for the URL's (website links) are all to do with the detection and formatting. It has improved a heap and there should be less errors now. You still simply paste them in to the comment and they should be converted to a link.

The old button versions for the formatting still works too. Feel welcome to use which ever version you like.

As always, if you notice an issue, please let me know or hit the report option.

63 days : In Many maps missing on the site

Unless the readme file included prohibits it, you are welcome to submit the release here.

If an author sees their level listed here and does not like that, I will remove it.

Basically if the maps are released, they can be reviewed, but I will respect the wishes of the author (or authors) and remove a listed map if requested.

106 days : In NetRadiant text suddenly turned to all rectangles

Looks like a missing font file to me. I use GtkRadiant so settings might be different, but you could remove your current settings with the "clean" option under Preferences. This should set up the defaults and remove the issue.

130 days : In Recent updates and corrections (Updated 30th May)

@Jesh45 : Mapsking put together a botfile here - lvlworld.com/level...-wtf27-bots.zip and on the review.

Personally, after looking into this issue, I believe the problem is related to the single weapon (Grenade Launcher), a heap of ammo and the map layout. Basically, the bots "think" they can attack or reach the bot or player on another section of the map, so they keep attacking.

133 days : In Looking for specific CTF map

This one comes to mind, but there is a sky and I am not sure about the sound track: Block by r3x.theCat - lvlworld.com/review/id:2308

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