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44 days ago: Works for me so you must be doing something wrong or there are minor differences in our settings. I will check my start settings tonight.
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45 days ago: You can do all that yourself with the Orange Smoothie or CPMA mod and a bit of research.
Edit: This is how you can do it.
Download the latest CPMA version from here:
Download this file:
In the "cpma" directory, create a "maps" directory and unzip "" to that location.
Open the "" file in a text editor and edit the entities to suit. Some reasech may be needed for their names.
Start Quake 3 and select the CPMA mod.
Start any map
On the console, type \cv map !q3dm12raw
Your version of q3dm12 will (should) be loaded.
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121 days ago: I'm not sure why, but my emails to you (and anyone else with the same email domain) are not getting through.
Obsessed - Please get in touch or check your email / spam folder.
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122 days ago: @richoi: Map queue links now work again. I had changed the security system for the downloads but had missed something with the map queue. Thanks heaps for reporting this issue.
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135 days ago: There was a discord channel for Quake 3 level editors, but it must be a few years since I personally have used it. The other option is the Quake 3 World Forum located here: - which gets a lot more traffic than this forum :]
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144 days ago: In the very early days of Quake 3 I remember a mod that allowed you to edit the entities while moving around the map (in game editor). You could also save your changes, then load them later. No other changes were made to the game engine. Sadly, I can not find a copy or remember the name of this mod.
The OSP/CPMA mod allows for the replacing of one weapon / item with another. You can even remove all matching items from a map. There are plenty of other options available as well. Personally, I would start with OSP and see if that does what you want - www.orangesmoothie....nload.html
NOTE: Changing the entities on a map without updating the BSP and AAS (bot file) may lead to strange bot behaviour.
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151 days ago: @bozina69 : Had to make changes to your review and if you do know the author, can you check the name that the release is listed under. It was not very clear in the readme file.
@CZghost : I sent you a reply, but for some reason, not all my outbound emails are reaching people at the moment. I have no idea why.
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161 days ago: @bozina69 : Sorry about the delay. Sent you an email. Thanks for the review submission!