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108 days : In Is it possible to make an elevator manually go down?

From memory, you need to use a negative value for the height.

136 days : In Is there a way for Tig to edit mispelled tags?

Sure is. Done. Please feel welcome to report other issues if you find them.

140 days : In ..::LvL website layout feedback

@HelterSkeleton : Bookmark categories are now up and in place.

You can tag a bookmark as Private, Favourite, Will play or "other". You can then filter on all or none of these options.

This means, by default all bookmarks are shown. Selecting Favourite and "other" will only show maps that have been tagged with both options.

Any bookmark tagged Private will only be visible to yourself.

I did not add a "notes" option due to small number of people that are currently using the bookmarks at all. Still thinking about it. Trying to work out how to do it cleanly.

141 days : In New game mode Team Bing

That is a Team Mode version of Last Man Standing. The common problem is the last few people will simply hide and the game drags out.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which is a Last Man Standing game mode as well gets around the "hide to win" issue by shrinking the environment. You would need to do that as well or come up with another solution to prevent the "hide to win" issue.

The Quake 3 game code is available - github.com/i...e/Quake-III-Arena - so you can start to code your mod now. There is nothing stopping you :)

145 days : In Member profile and map release inconsistencies

Currently there are no reputation points awarded for releasing a map. The reputation system was designed to encourage people to use the site respectfully. That all said, with time, I will look at awarding reputation to maps. It is a great suggestion.

153 days : In Question about Q3 BSP level's usage

All of my releases can be used if you wish. I even include the .map file in most, if not all of my releases and state that the levels can be used in the readme files. lvlworld.com/author/Tigger-oN

There are a number of other releases that also do this too. You will need to check the readme files or contact the authors. As pointed out by Gooball, the email address is only blanked out on the version displayed on the site (to prevent spam), but are in the readme files in the download.

There is an old "open source" project that was long abandoned here : lvl.sourceforge.net/lvl-ogsl.php - that includes a number of releases that have been publicly released "open". While the project is no longer maintained, the few files are still available for download an use.

A quick search for source file or map source returns a few maps lvlworld.com...rch/source%20file and lvlworld.com/search/map%20source

173 days : In ioquake3

Thanks heaps for the heads up about the possible issue with the test builds of ioquake3.

This issue is restricted to the overnight test builds only. If you download the "official releases" from ioquake3.org/get-it/ - there will be no issue.

173 days : In Uber Arena - New WIP Quake 3 mod! (Version 0.5 released!)

@richoi : The download link in the post above has been update and should work now.

And so you do not have look for it, the URL is here as well: drive.google...Rc-ihv7QrV89ToO1i

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