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87 days : In ..::LvL website layout feedback

@All - If you are signed in and on a PC / Desktop, you can now see who has agreed or disagreed with a members comment. Just mouse over the corresponding button to see who is agreeing or disagreeing with the comment.

This feature will be a little weird on the ..::LvL App version or mobile devices as it relies on a mouse. Do not expect "ease of use" on these formats.

88 days : In ..::LvL website layout feedback

@HelterSkeleton : All good ideas, just need to work out how and when to implement.

Re: Favourites - Would an extension of the bookmarks be suitable? For example, adding the options to mark as a private, favourite, add notes, played, will play and then the option to filter based on these flags be suitable?

Re: Votes - A little tricky, but doable to add "blind" voting options. I like the idea of transparency, but with some of the recent activity I have seen on the site, I am starting to sway back to the idea of an anonymous vote option. If introduced, it will require a level reputation to be enabled.

Re: Page numbers for browse, search, listing options - again, this is doable and I can see the benefit of it on listings that do not change often (list of CTF maps) and no benefit on other listings (like recent downloads). It may be worth investing some time on this one on certain sections.

To counter the abuse to member comments by disgruntled others, I'm looking at adding some transparency there as well.

89 days : In Member profile and map release inconsistencies

Thanks gooball, both have been updated.

90 days : In Member profile and map release inconsistencies

That count is really a technical hack as the database structure was never designed to link a map author to a member account.

It has been corrected for you. Feel welcome to report anything else you notice as well.

91 days : In How create ready pk3 files from pictures of weapons ( plasma gun and lightning gun )

@P1Q3A : Could you explain a little more what you need a hand with? Your original post is difficult to understand as well. Is it related to https://discourse.io...roject-anyone/757

101 days : In q3dm12 edit request

The settings are all documented in the documentation here : https://playmoreprom...a-client-settings

Look for the section "Player Models & Colors CVars". You many need to restart the map to see the changes.

103 days : In q3dm12 edit request

OK, worked out what you are doing wrong, you have the wrong command. You did not type exactly what I had. You need to type:

\cv map !q3dm12raw

If you type

\map !q3dm12raw


\map q3dm12raw

you will get that error. It must be the same command as what I typed above. The "\cv" is for the "call vote" option that allows for a custom config script. The "map" says to use the map options of the call vote system. The "!" says to look for a map config file, not a BSP. And the "q3dm12raw" is the name of that custom config script (do NOT include the ".map" file extension).

Personally, I would get the system working first, then edit the custom map config or make a back up of the q3dm12raw.map file.

104 days : In q3dm12 edit request

Works for me so you must be doing something wrong or there are minor differences in our settings. I will check my start settings tonight.

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