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In Member profile and map release inconsistencies
8.48 hrs ago: Thanks gooball, both have been updated.
In Member profile and map release inconsistencies
19.45 hrs ago: That count is really a technical hack as the database structure was never designed to link a map author to a member account.
It has been corrected for you. Feel welcome to report anything else you notice as well.
In How create ready pk3 files from pictures of weapons ( plasma gun and lightning gun )
57 hrs ago: @P1Q3A : Could you explain a little more what you need a hand with? Your original post is difficult to understand as well. Is it related to discourse.ioquake.o...anyone/757
In q3dm12 edit request
13 days ago: The settings are all documented in the documentation here :
Look for the section "Player Models & Colors CVars". You many need to restart the map to see the changes.
In q3dm12 edit request
14 days ago: OK, worked out what you are doing wrong, you have the wrong command. You did not type exactly what I had. You need to type:
\cv map !q3dm12raw
If you type
\map !q3dm12raw
\map q3dm12raw
you will get that error. It must be the same command as what I typed above. The "\cv" is for the "call vote" option that allows for a custom config script. The "map" says to use the map options of the call vote system. The "!" says to look for a map config file, not a BSP. And the "q3dm12raw" is the name of that custom config script (do NOT include the ".map" file extension).
Personally, I would get the system working first, then edit the custom map config or make a back up of the file.
In q3dm12 edit request
15 days ago: Works for me so you must be doing something wrong or there are minor differences in our settings. I will check my start settings tonight.
In q3dm12 edit request
16 days ago: You can do all that yourself with the Orange Smoothie or CPMA mod and a bit of research.
Edit: This is how you can do it.
Download the latest CPMA version from here:
Download this file:
In the "cpma" directory, create a "maps" directory and unzip "" to that location.
Open the "" file in a text editor and edit the entities to suit. Some reasech may be needed for their names.
Start Quake 3 and select the CPMA mod.
Start any map
On the console, type \cv map !q3dm12raw
Your version of q3dm12 will (should) be loaded.
In Obsessed - Please get in touch
91 days ago: I'm not sure why, but my emails to you (and anyone else with the same email domain) are not getting through.
Obsessed - Please get in touch or check your email / spam folder.