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6 days : In Best Quake III mods of all time

@Mapsking: Do you mean like this?


In the Overview section on a map, if you click the Game type attribute, the search results will be for maps with that tag.

Also, if you search for the tag in the standard search, most of the time, the result will return a match too.

21 days : In Map "peaking" and map "insert"

@raspatan : Wow, that was an oversight about the lack of right mouse option for the forum threads. You can now right-click on the thread title or the last column. Thanks for the heads-up!

22 days : In ingame images

Ohh Pretty :)

Care to share the visual settings to get the shots? I'm pretty sure there are a number of other maps those settings could work on.

25 days : In Creating a one-way clip wall

With Takkie on this. A "window" teleporter, where you can see the other side would be a good option in this case.

27 days : In Screenshots in ioquake3

How are you starting ioquake3? Do you have any custom start scripts or batch files? If so, could you please include them.

30 days : In Map "peaking" and map "insert"

Following up on map peaking, is the new option to insert a map in to the comments by a search on the map name. For example, this next line was added by hitting the new Map option in the edit bar then searching for April:
Quake Shareware by id Software

The Map option is available for comments and forum posts. Please report any issues.

31 days : In In Q3 Arena 1.32 is it a maximum supported maps

@zedmelon: You got it.

Make a folder at the same level as baseq3 and add the extra PK3s that you want in that "mod".

31 days : In Screenshots in ioquake3

@Hu-Ka : Sounds like the server is running a config that has set those values and is trying to push them to you as well.

Two options, ignore or set them on your system too.

If you want to add them, open your q3aconfig.cfg in a text editor and add the following lines:

seta g_synchronousClients "0"
seta pmove_msec "8"
seta pmove_fixed "0"

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