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20 days : In Many maps missing on the site

Unless the readme file included prohibits it, you are welcome to submit the release here.

If an author sees their level listed here and does not like that, I will remove it.

Basically if the maps are released, they can be reviewed, but I will respect the wishes of the author (or authors) and remove a listed map if requested.

64 days : In NetRadiant text suddenly turned to all rectangles

Looks like a missing font file to me. I use GtkRadiant so settings might be different, but you could remove your current settings with the "clean" option under Preferences. This should set up the defaults and remove the issue.

87 days : In Recent updates and corrections (Updated 30th May)

@Jesh45 : Mapsking put together a botfile here - lvlworld.com...ch-wtf27-bots.zip and on the review.

Personally, after looking into this issue, I believe the problem is related to the single weapon (Grenade Launcher), a heap of ammo and the map layout. Basically, the bots "think" they can attack or reach the bot or player on another section of the map, so they keep attacking.

90 days : In Looking for specific CTF map

This one comes to mind, but there is a sky and I am not sure about the sound track: Block by r3x.theCat - lvlworld.com/review/id:2308

98 days : In Recent updates and corrections (Updated 30th May)

The following maps have had bot files added and / or other corrections made recently. Some with more success than others.

The bot files and other corrections have been made by Mapsking.

Thanks also to raspatan for finding all the direct links and sorting the list alphabetical.

And now there is a hidden page for recently updated listings - lvlworld.com/updates - I'm trying to work out the best way to integrate this feature.

aetctf lvlworld.com/media/id:95
anctc lvlworld.com/media/id:1545
aphdm2 lvlworld.com/media/id:513
brickyard lvlworld.com/media/id:1993
castle lvlworld.com/review/id:1151
crem2 lvlworld.com/media/id:1320
cu3ctf1 lvlworld.com/media/id:1994
dawnoftimeb3 lvlworld.com/media/id:2218
dayta_dm17 lvlworld.com/media/id:1834
dm6b2r lvlworld.com/media/id:1348
evilcastle lvlworld.com/media/id:884
footyctf lvlworld.com/media/id:661
fw_dm01 lvlworld.com/media/id:526
halterra1 lvlworld.com/media/id:735
inkadm lvlworld.com/media/id:111
jnydm lvlworld.com/review/id:12
klzicecoldctf lvlworld.com/media/id:707
kothill lvlworld.com/media/id:1573
lightduel lvlworld.com/media/id:112
malcath lvlworld.com/media/id:99
nodm1 lvlworld.com/media/id:1448
p791 lvlworld.com/media/id:89
pfq3dm3 lvlworld.com/media/id:478
pr1ajp lvlworld.com/media/id:1775
pro-t4_v2 lvlworld.com/media/id:2197
pukka3tourney4 lvlworld.com/media/id:1859
q3jdm8 lvlworld.com/media/id:32
q3onezone lvlworld.com/media/id:92
q3sod6 lvlworld.com/media/id:2151
sdmrail lvlworld.com/media/id:38
simple-ctf1 lvlworld.com/media/id:2283
simple-ctf2 lvlworld.com/media/id:2284
simple-dm7 lvlworld.com/media/id:2327
sonne_q3 lvlworld.com/media/id:1982
stonemaze lvlworld.com/media/id:1860
theplant lvlworld.com/media/id:1198
tm2 lvlworld.com/media/id:1203
tomzig08 lvlworld.com/media/id:21
ut_japangarden lvlworld.com/media/id:1135
vexar2 lvlworld.com/media/id:27
vpldm3 lvlworld.com/media/id:1960

109 days : In COVID-19 Special

@Foralarx : Sounds good to me. Not sure when it will be ready for a beta test, but I will let you know..

118 days : In Where I can find Quake Bacis Maps Retextured?

In that case, you can use the tag search options for "Remake". Here are a few:
Quake 3 remakes - lvlworld.com...e%20-%20Quake%203
Quake 2 remakes - lvlworld.com...e%20-%20Quake%202
Quake remakes - lvlworld.com...emake%20-%20Quake
Doom remakes - lvlworld.com...Remake%20-%20Doom
CounterStrike remakes - lvlworld.com...-%20CounterStrike
And, Unreal Tournament - lvlworld.com...real%20Tournament
There are a few more remake options too.

118 days : In Where I can find Quake Bacis Maps Retextured?

The map in the video is Aerowalk. There are a number of version of that map on here.

If you are looking for a "pack" of good maps, I would suggest checking out ..::LvL Q3A - 20 Years map pack - lvlworld.com/review/id:2401

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