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5 days : In ..::LvL Map Filter / Map Sort (beta)

@raspatan requested a map sort / filter page a few weeks back (and one for the member page too).

The main site one can now be found here : lvlworld.com/filter - It is in a beta status and currently not linked from anywhere for now. Trying to work out how to integrate it and a few other things as well. Current thinking to is replace the "reviews" page with the new filter page as that is what new page defaults to.

Please feel welcome to use it and post feedback or errors.

The member page is not done.

8 days : In Change mod settings through .qvm files

If anyone does locate the SpiterBot mod source code, please let me know. I would like to add the source code to the download on ..::LvL.

12 days : In ..::LvL website layout feedback

@Mapsking : Trending is sorted by "what is trending", with the most "trending" listing first and the least trending last. Timeline is exactly the same, but based on date added.

Adding a title sort to either of these two examples would give the sames results as the Title browse page and make the "trending" or the "timeline" feature irrelevant. Basically, you can not sort on trending and title, or timeline and title at the same time. They are mutually exclusive.

One really good thing from this discussion is that someone is at least looking at the trending feature. I was looking at removing it for the new filter option (when it is done).

15 days : In ..::LvL website layout feedback

@Mapsking : Map title sorting is available now - lvlworld.com/titles - and includes jump points. Only issue is maps that start with "The" will be found under "T".

@richoi : The mods can be sorted already. I spent a lot of time working on integrating that feature, maybe I hide it and need to make a page for it all. You can sort A to Z, Z to A, New to Old (default, as in "reviewed"). You can also click a "type" under the heading and filter just that game type. Here is a sample link for Z to A sorting, with type of "Teams" - lvlworld.com/mods/z2a/tag:3

21 days : In map toxic fabric

@Devils Right Hand : Just to confirm, you are submitting your release for review on ..::LvL? Is that correct?

22 days : In ..::LvL website layout feedback

@raspatan this is something that is well overdue.

Currently thinking is a "sort" page with a number of filter options. Basically, you could select (as an example):

- Game mode (All or one option)
- Sort order (Votes, Downloads, Comments, Date added, etc)

I'll look at adding a sort option to the member section too.

33 days : In How to counter fake votes

The votes are 5/5 for one map author and 0.5/5 for another. Honestly, it really could just a coincident, but it is very unusual and consistent behaviour.

The idea behind limiting voting people with over (say) 30 reputation means the new members will need to have a few comments upvoted before they can vote. This should encourage some dialogue before being able to simply high and low vote a map.

35 days : In How to counter fake votes

Looks like people are creating fake accounts in order to spam vote for certain authors or maps.

In order to combat this, I'm thinking about changing the voting system to require a reputation of 30 to 50 before you can vote and / or limiting the number of votes per day to 2 unless you have over 500 reputation.

Hopefully, if these are not spam votes, the people making these votes (or wanting to vote) will leave comments on the maps first (to build up their rep), then come back and vote.

Before I make a change like this, I wanted to get some feedback, to judge if this kind of change is supported.

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