Comments by Neon_Knight
580 days ago: Yep, very good version of Brimstone Abbey in another style. Liked also the BFG trick.
Tried in OpenArena as well, only two missing textures (the light models in the LG ammo trap and in the water tunnel the Quad pad) and no missing sounds at all. :D With vanilla 0.8.8 there are no clashing files, and no skybox problem.
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On Running Man
584 days ago: It reminds me to the namesake Nexuiz/Xonotic map, right down to the use of the same dsi textures.
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On Five Steps Ahead - Duel
1,877 days ago: Map already present in OpenArena 0.8.8, and I dare to say, it's by far the best map in OA history EVER.
On q3jdm9
1,881 days ago: Saw this one in the Arenas webseries, heh.
On Worlds Apart
1,881 days ago: So... let me see: MV was doing this seven years before UT3 had DM-Gateway... cool. I'll have to check this.
On Khaooohs
1,882 days ago: This one is also available in OpenArena as kaos2. :P
Too bad the easter egg couldn't be properly replicated, though. :/
On Lonely Planet
1,884 days ago: Pretty cool. I was also astonished when I noticed this map is the one of the startscreen of GTKRadiant, heh. Good play, SPoG. :P
On Facing Worlds
1,894 days ago: I think it's hard to replicate correctly the feel of a game in a different engine, because it's not always about the weapons but it also involves the physics and many other things. It's already extremely hard to do so between games running under different versions of practically the same engine (UT → UT2k[x] → UT3), let alone between two games who share nothing in common, technically wise (UE[x] → IdTech[x]).
As a long time UT player I have seen tons of conversion mods and mutators from UT to UT2004 to UT3 or the inverse, and as far as I'm concerned, none of them managed to catch well that style.