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Metal Arena by Castigador
On Metal Arena
Chunky Kibbles! posted: So after nearly thirteen years, am I the only one who's noticed the trigger for all those grenade launchers? Knowing that it's there makes this an entirely different map.
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No Class! by Wiebo de Wit
On No Class!
Alice posted: One of the best gothic levels. Great atmosphere. Free open space everywhere and a lot of vertical action. Fluent and very fast gameplay.
An all-time classic Q3 map to me.
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City 1 by KRAFTWERK2K1
On City 1
Alice posted: In general, I am not a great fan of realistic Q3 maps. But there are some exceptions. This map is such one. City1 has a strong atmosphere. And the layout is done with enormous love for details in the huge outdoor area and in the inside of the buildings. That’s great to look at. An important point for city-maps is the scale of the buildings, streets etc. This is done very realistic here and adds to the atmosphere. I don’t think that the map is to dark (and I am picky with that…). It’s an overall atmospheric night-feeling and the outdoor playing areas are illuminated very well.
The gameplay… its affected by the huge outdoor area and the endless street. But this area fits to the map. In vanillaQ3 these huge areas become often slow and boring. I would suggest the excessive plus mod here. With the plusN config you get a LOT of speed in this map.
The best effect was to shot a fusillade of rockets or bfg ammo in the teleporter tunnel-ends of the street and to see what happens…
Powerstation - Extended by sst13
On Powerstation - Extended
Alice posted: Nice improvements compared to the original id map!
Exotic Metals by Nickster
On Exotic Metals
Alice posted: A nice architecture and layout. But the map is MUCH to dark. This gives a nice atmosphere and fits to the design, but at some point a fast and fluent gameplay is hampered.
I have this `darkness problem´ also with some other maps from Nickster. Slipgate e.g.
The Edge (2) by V1979
On The Edge (2)
1v4n posted: With my personal experience, I can say that CHARONQ2DM1V2 is way better than this one. Even though, THIS IS NOT A BAD CONVERSION.
Powerstation - Extended by sst13
On Powerstation - Extended
CZghost posted: @1v4n: If he should keep the original look, he should redistribute textures from Team Arena, which is illegal. And extending such an open space an large map is pretty much a dumb idea as it's already extended. Distant Screams is even larger map and thus this makes it not necessary to do such conversions. If you want to play these maps, get yourself a copy of Team Arena. How, it's all up to you ;)
Kepple Bay by dONKEY
On Kepple Bay
Elec27 posted: Nice map.