Kepple Bay by dONKEY
On Kepple Bay
<secs.> posted: Agreed - outstanding work
Kepple Bay by dONKEY
On Kepple Bay
Incognito posted: Outstanding map. It's amazing what you can do with quake 3 engine....very good job dONKEY....:)
wolves by ROODOG
On wolves
Alice posted: A poor review. Its a gem.
Audiorum by Martinus
On Audiorum
Alice posted: Gameplay became very soon predictable and repetitive to me. This might depend on my settings or thats my personal feeling. I didnt play it against humans, which is also always a major difference.
Its a great map!
Rashmi by Rota
On Rashmi
Rota posted: Hi, thx for map review. Its a good christmass gift.
I am in similar situation as donkey with his recent release. I have been working on this map for many years.. I had a many long term stops.. And I am really happy its finished now.
And last thing I must say: I strongly recommend to play this map 4v4 with some skilled tdm players. There is the real map potential.
Deep Purple by AKUTA
On Deep Purple
Alice posted: Q3DM18 is a very special map. It never got the praise and recognition like his stupid little sister DM17... It never appealed to the popular taste of the Q3 community, most likely because it is easy to fall in the abyss. ;-)
(On the ELITEZ Carnage server we play DM18 regularly with instagib/hook and that rocks).
I was always disappointed that DM18 was not used as a example for other maps with a similar style. One remarkable exception is AEON´s Timeless (aetime).
Now we see here a kind of remix of DM18. As the reviewer mentioned, it is simplified compared to the original. (The additional jump pads at the outsides, closed abyss, higher arches...). That was not a good idea, thats the thrill of DM18, adults only please...
This also doesn’t help the gameflow, rather the opposite. The central open area is blocked by fat pillars left an right. This area got some additional jumping opportunities but it is more cramped than in the original.
My personal visual settings in Q3 are very bright. But also with this settings the map is much to dark in almost every places. The lightning is really bad.
I have no problem with the purple/grey texturing in general, its ok, but the texturing shades of the pillars from the inside to the outside are very poor and give in combination with the bad lightning no realistic architectural feeling.
The black lid or roof or whatsoever on top of the pillars is a total mistake. Also the skybox.
In the original map you can climb with the hook under the bottom of the map, below the pillars in every direction #8-O. Here you are killed when you fall.
So here is nothing new, but a lot of things worsened compared to the original.
I dont keep this map.
Rashmi by Rota
On Rashmi
CZghost posted: Rota, your geniune talent is very appreciated there :) Seems you like abandoned facilities design :) It's very great map and I am also beta tester of this map (I have beta version downloaded back in time) :)
And for textures naming - “diamonds” are called “káry”, not “picky” :D But that's only comment aside :)
Kepple Bay by dONKEY
On Kepple Bay
CZghost posted: You're welcome dONKEY :) To be honest, your maps are really beautiful and outstanding, that's it. Also, if you can find the easter egg, please, send screenshot :D
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