wisdomrun by orfi
On wisdomrun
HelterSkeleton posted: not often you get a BFG only DeFRaG run. Nice flow to it and not too hard to master. Looks great too!
thephhortres by <secs.>
On thephhortres
HelterSkeleton posted: Every now and then, maps made specifically for quake 3 servers finally make their way over to LVL world, and for the most part I am glad when they do. My only regret is this wasn't released here sooner. DM was impressive enough to start. But 4-player side tdm - WOW!!! It actually gets even better and adds a whole new dimension to the game. With a lot of room to move and haste thrown in for good measure there are plenty of opportunities to fly about. thanks for sharing. I will keep this for posterity's sake.
Goldleaf by Pat Howard
On Goldleaf
HelterSkeleton posted: This is a very under-stated map - in a good way. I like the placement of weapons and items, I like the inclusion of the battle suit, and because its not purely a FFA (TDM supported) it is free of the novelty that can sometimes be just too much. a whole lotta fun to play. I'm giving it a 5 - without any hesitations or reservations.
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Trespass by Pat Howard
On Trespass
HelterSkeleton posted: Yes. I like this map a lot. Both the gameplay and visuals appeal to me. I like this much better than Hydra
Rustgrad by Hipshot
On Rustgrad
HelterSkeleton posted: visually it is quite stunning. As a tourney map it is a little too big with a fair amount of distance between sections. As a small-medium ffa/tdm it fairs better. A lot of tunnels and tunnel fights: not sure I like this, but that's personal taste. I like the item layout and most of the individual areas
DeadStrong by Johann Slee
On DeadStrong
HelterSkeleton posted: really loving the slugs and rockets format. this map has a lot of replay value. I noticed you tightened the map size on this one. Good move
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DustBowl by Johann Slee
On DustBowl
HelterSkeleton posted: a whole lot of fun - well-suited to the slugs and rockets format. the map layout would also make for good clan matches. would like to see how this would play with self-damage disabled and both rl and rg enabled. the vanilla version is cool too but it can be easy to dominate the armour and key weapons once you learn the layout. but a great job. well done
Base X by D-Bone_[HAGG]
On Base X
myleg123 posted: This map is a good map. Some things I like are the design and how large it is. Though it has a lot of good things, it also has some flaws. I think that it's a bit over saturated with special items. (Quad damage, Speed, etc.) Bots also don't play that well. Overall, I don't really think its a keeper.
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