Chronophagia by Obsessed
On Chronophagia
AndyWeil posted: Nice use of Textures and great layout. I would get rid of the 2 Jumpers shown in the Screenshot.
Steps are in Q2 size, and i think it will be a problem to size them down to Q3-Scale.
Great work, grab it and jump in!
Faces of Quake by r3x.theCat
On Faces of Quake
borgsy2 posted: my fav map right now for ctf
Jump by Spank
On Jump
borgsy2 posted: amazing map!
Space Ettiquitte by John Seward
On Space Ettiquitte
borgsy2 posted: holy crap nice map i love playing on it
Pillamyd by evillair
On Pillamyd
borgsy2 posted: downloading now :D
CV DM by TokeNter
Blood posted: An admirable use of curves, however the author doesn't seem to know about control-N (making curves Natural, as opposed to Capping a curve). The distinction is of great import. Had the textures on curved brushes been made to fit the brushes then this map would easily deserve a 4. Very creative and a good layout, but the brushes are indeed stretched and do not look right.
EADM Maps by Various
On EADM Maps
Colton posted: I'm glad you know the history of this mappack @leilei. Didn't think a non-id team actually figured out how to make decent Q3 maps like these ones.
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Claustrophobia by Paul Martin
On Claustrophobia
Colton posted: Also, it seems Tig created new levelshots for this map. Now you can see what's actually in there...
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