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3,115 days ago: Here is a short list of single player games NOT made by id Software that I think are great.
* Demon's Souls
* S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (slow loading, minor gameplay issues and a bit buggy)
* Portal
* Oblivion
* Fallout 3 (very buggy on PS3)
While not all games will appeal to everyone, some are buggy, and I would not recommend them to everyone either, I enjoyed these the games the most over the last 10 years.
I'm curious as to what non id Software games others have really enjoyed.
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3,115 days ago: I played the Beta a bit, but once it went live I stopped and focused on a few projects.
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3,117 days ago: Thanks guys! The bug has been replicated and fixed. The 'My Details' link should work as expected now.
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3,117 days ago: @GuitarMan: I'll try to replicate the issue later and see what is going on. Thanks for reporting it.
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3,117 days ago: Here we have the long waited ..::LvL Forum!
Please post bug reports, issues and feature request in this thread.
The current todo list consists of:
* DONE Link forum comments to the members personal page.
* Add more than: Quote, Bold and Italics support. (Thinking about: Image/screenshot, Map and Author which will be links to ..::LvL listed data)
+ DONE Make the forums work from the mobile version (read only, no adding of posts however)
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